Why Things Don’t Happen When You Want Them To

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Everyone knows the common phrase “everything happens for a reason” but when the desired results don’t happen immediately or the outcome doesn’t meet your expectations, it’s easy to become impatient or disheartened. This week J & J explain why it is worth the time and effort, as you never know what opportunity is waiting for you around the corner.

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* Intro Music*

Jai: *sings* Yay, yaaay, yaay… I really wish we had a camera right now.

Jenny: …and you get on me for my intros.

Jai: Yeah, your intros be on 10, your intros be on 10.

Jenny: Okay, and that was like a 5.

Jai: I was like a three and a half, three and a half. Okay.

Jenny: Welcome to the show.

Jai: What up people.

Jenny: He is fired up. I’m Jenny.

Jai: I’m… Jai.

Jenny: I was like… did you forget your name? You’re going to be that guy again, I want one hundred percent of you.

Jai: Baby, being that guy is a hundred percent of me.

Jenny: No, no, no, no. I need you to be Jai. I want Jai today.

Jai: What’s up. What’s going on? Yeah, we’re just going to freestyle this one off the cuff off the sleeve. It’s been a very interesting week. Oh, first things first. I want to say what up to all of our UK listeners, apparently we’re killing it over there. I don’t know what it is that we do that you guys love, but let us know. And we’ll keep it up.

Jenny: Well, I think we’re naturally going to keep it up because obviously like our weirdness. You like our uniqueness, you don’t like the word weird or uniqueness.

Jai: I kind of wanted to kick around the topic. The idea of, if you guys didn’t know about me and Jen, Jen’s more structured of the two when I’m the more, uh, what’s the word go with the flow in certain instincts. I think we have in the flow in a relationship in that cause certain areas I’m definitely more structured and you’re definitely more go with the flow.

Jenny: Right.

Jai: But when it pertains to work and stuff like that, she’s definitely more structured. So we got to find a way to work with that this week and all of the stuff we’re doing and we’re trying to do as you know, content is King and we’re trying to create content.

So we’re like princes and princesses in this content creation thing. And one of the things that comes across is video. I have a love, hate relationship with videos. Like if it’s not structured, if I’m not putting into a timeline and fit into this box, you know, I’m good. But when you. Want to put me in a structured, labeling time restriction box.

I feel… I don’t know what the word is. Claustrophobic, that’s it. I feel claustrophobic. So it’s challenging. And then it’s kind of frustrating because, you know, she’s like, yo, let’s knock this out. And it turns into an hour and a half process, like it warmed up and then I’m like, yay. And she was like, yo, where was this a half hour ago? So that’s a learning thing.

Jenny: Well, but also, I just want to bring a quick story in here to demonstrate the difference with videos. So I prefer a one and done. I just want to shoot it, knock it out. Maybe like max three, like five, if I’m really flubbing all my words, I just want to shoot it straight through.

And we watched a video that I did in Palo Duro Canyon. That’s on my YouTube, which I may or may not tell you how to get there because it is my maiden name and you may or may not find it. But anyways, I was in the Canyon. I mean, I shot it. It wasn’t a live and I shot it on my phone and I was like, there was bugs attacking, and I was like, Oh, okay. So how’s it going? Yeah, duh. So that’s the difference, but I’m coming to learn and appreciate the skills of editing. But for me, the reason I felt that way is because I don’t really like editing, so I didn’t want to edit all that stuff. I just want to do it.

Jai: You weren’t doing editing.

Jenny: Well, duh. Yeah, you edit. So, yeah, I’m saying, so it takes all this time. I just want to go. So you could work on other things while I, Oh, well, let’s go. I got shit to do. I’m not saying that that energy is even like, it serves you at certain times, but honestly it hurts you other times.

Jai: Oh man. So I said all that to say, we’re working on stuff and we just released, not just released, but we’ve launched, put in to the universe one of our, our initial first projects, the Thrive Guide, which we love, we’re biased, of course, but it’s like all this stuff that goes into creating, your stuff and creating your thing in the whole, finding your voice. I have a thing with the podcast. It took us a while to find our voice here, but it was doing stuff and seeing how that stuff works and seeing how that’s done your work and how it honored us in our schedule and just finding what works. It’s kind of like this with the thrive guide, because it’s this awesome project, but we have to find the thing that works to get it out there, but to get eyes on and to get people like. Loving it in the course, you being the creator, you being the one, pushing it out there. You want to put it out there and have everybody, what did you call it? You want to have that unicorn product? You know what I’m saying? Like you just launch it, you throw it out there and people are like, yes, shut up, take my money. They call it a unicorn product for a reason.

Jenny: But I think part of that, right? There’s a couple of facets or factors or layers here that I want to add in is if you already have a warm market that you’ve been working with, you can easily drop a product. Cause I mean, we dropped it to our warm market and people bought it really quickly. Right. But we’re talking cold market where someone doesn’t know you and that’s even more where the unicorn. You know, like where that’s coming from. Cause if you’re dropping into a cold market on Facebook ads or whatever, wherever you’re advertising digitally, it might fall on deaf ears. Cause you didn’t find that right solution to get it right. But those who found that solution and know the right people to target and etc, cold market, and they convert like, yeah, that’s the unicorn.

Jai: My whole point being it’s a learning thing. And I’m a strong believer in, I know you usually talk about this on your podcast, but I want to touch on it in this one, the stuff you were doing with Emily this past week. So all this is, is tied into it as well. I had an end game in mind, but we’re just kind of freestyling. She was like, what are we doing? I was like, shut up, put the headphones on.

Jenny: Yeah, totally. To be honest, I’m sitting here and I’m like, where’s this going? I want to know what’s coming. I gotta be prepared. Just so you know, what’s going on.

Jai: This is a free flowing conversation.

Jenny: Well, we always free flow, but at least we have an idea.

Jai: I got an idea. Don’t worry, strap in and enjoy the ride. I

Jenny: Wee I’m on a unicorn.

Jai: So you want that to happen, but everything happens in it’s time… just because we want it to happen when it happens. Excuse me, just because we want it to happen when we feel it should happen, doesn’t mean that’s the perfect time for it to happen. Like everything we learned within the past six months has drastically changed the way we’ve done business. Would you agree? Yes. And point being by this podcast thing, we started off with Facebook live and that was kind of, it was a labor of love if you will. Cause I mean, we’d get on camera, but it was setting up, we did it on a Sunday night, just a little backstory setting up lights and up to camera. Yada, yada yada.

Jenny: Well, that’s when I still had a job too. So it was just extra challenging to do it on a Sunday night. Yeah. Especially 8 o’clock on a Sunday. It’s like, you’re all revved up and then you gotta like turn around.

Jai: And yeah, that was the thing, you know, people were doing like, you know, do it consistently, whatever, whatever, whatever audio is horrible. So then it was suggested that we, people always suggest we do a podcast. Yeah, that was the thing. You guys should do a podcast, but we finally did that. We were doing that and the podcast recording the Facebook live.

Jenny: Especially if you heard some of our earlier episodes, like if you listen in the beginning, we basically pulled them from the Facebook lives. And I mean, the reason is, is just think about repurposing, right? Right. Like, why not? If you already have content out there, why not share and repurpose it? We’ve probably got what 15, maybe 20 at the most like episodes just sitting for us to use. But since Jai is advanced all of our tech and audio since then, he’s like hell no, not really.

Jai: We want you to listen. We don’t want you to say that audio sucks.

Jenny: What if, what if we dropped it out? It was like a special drop and it says P S audio sucks. Don’t hate us. You know, like, I’m really curious, like your people like, Oh, I really like you. And I want to listen to your stuff, I don’t care if your audio sucks.

I know that like your heart would break with that, or maybe there’s like a special place we could drop out. Like we could just maybe for funny, where you could like put it on our website and, but like podcasts and that be like bad audio sections still. Good content. Sorry, but Hey, here it is. I dunno, maybe I’m crazy, but. I mean, I listened to people. I like, and their audio is not the greatest and I’m like, but I listened to it. Cause I want to hear their content.

Jai: And you know, different strokes for different folks, but you know, we’ve learned so much and I want to say that’s because we are kind of circled around the right type of people.

Jenny: “Circled”?

Jai: Surrounding. There you go. That’s what I meant by circled, surrounded. We have Justice with the podcast. We have our business coach. We have the mentors with the other products and projects we purchased to further our business and what we’re invested. Not good with my words today, invested in to further our business. And I definitely think it’s paying off, maybe not as quickly as we want it to, but definitely paying off like, Even from this podcast, someone like reached out ..

Jenny: …to connect with us and special teaser, this special person. We freaking love them because they’re going to love him too. We’re going to have them as guests on the podcast sometime in the near future to dinner, just hold onto your seat coming soon. Right? It was a horrible trailer. Okay. Look, we’re going to have Johan on and he’s awesome. Shout out to Johan. I know you’re listening and we’re going to be helping you cut that addiction to your screen. Okay. Social media and screen. Well, cause it was like are we going to tell them yet? I don’t know anyways, but yo y’all this is gonna be dope. It’s gonna be the I know that was a nineties saying. I

Jai: t’s going to be awesome. The crazy thing is how it all came to be, because he said he couldn’t find a way to contact us and he went through our product page, which has no email. Right. Because it’s not the website. When you get there, you buy the product. That’s the point, right. You don’t give all these distractions ago. Right? Yeah. The point is to lead you there to buy the thing. And did he ever say how he found us?

Jenny: Yeah, he ended up going to, to and then saw the contact on there.

Jai: Okay. Cool. So he found us and we’re very particular. If you noticed or listened to chairman’s plug, if you haven’t the coping through COVID series, that was freaking awesome. How did we find eight people to interview and their areas of genius or whatever, but we don’t just pick anybody to be a part of this show, mainly because we don’t interview people on this show.

Jenny: So yeah, like we’re open if the universe aligns or if we get a cool idea, like coping through COVID where we want to do something, but it’s definitely not our normal type of thing.

Jai: So he reached out. And he was like, yo, I got this idea for like an interview or whatever. And we’re like, yo, who the hell is this guy? All right. We’re looking at his stuff. And like, literally there was a connection. Yeah. So, you know, some people you see their stuff and you’re like, eh, nah, not feeling right. And me I’m skeptical. Period, period, so check them out. And we like y’all, let’s get on the phone. Let’s talk. So he’s definitely a go getter.

Like Jen said the email and I think he, right, we got on the phone usually Fridays when we record our podcasts, but we took the time out to just chat with him because that’s what we want to do. We don’t want to meet people for the first time and just bring them on. And then the podcast, we all like weird and crazy shit, right? So long story short. God on his own with Johan chatted for, I don’t know. It ended up being two hours. Yeah. Pretty close.

Jenny: And honestly, we might still be chatting right now, days later, because we were like, alright, we gotta go.

Jai: Yo, yo, it got so bad. The internet was like, yo, y’all got shit to do. And it just cut off.

Jenny: Yeah. And I’m going to say that was the universe given a nudge. Like he said that like it literally just cut off and I was like, well, I guess that’s alright. Time to move on to the next thing. Johan is definitely, I don’t know. I have a strong feeling like this is going to be like a friendship or partnership.

That’s going to grow and blossom because I’m very particular with the people I run across and the people like we meet with, but it was just an initial click from the start, which is okay. We’re vibing on the same frequency. This is going to be cool. So we’re looking forward to that show. It’s going to be awesome show. I cut out him and Jen was still talking and going back and forth. It was awesome. So it’s cool. When you can have that kind of connection, especially with someone you just met, like, it was like, we been friends for awhile. You know what I’m saying? Like he was an old buddy from the Netherlands. We just happen to reconnect where we just kind of picked up right where we left off, which is awesome, awesome energy, which goes into what I wanted to talk about today. I know that was like, hella long intro… look at Jen… Hey man, just roll with us. Things happen for a reason like that just fell into our lap. If you will. Now diverting to Jen. What have you been doing this past week with Emily? Congrats on winning that hour long coaching call.

Jenny :So spiritual mentor of mine. She was on the coping for COVID series. Yep. Yep. She was on and she’s my spiritual mentor and she just held a free seven day awakened superhuman challenge. And this is going to be potentially something that you may have heard before may not have heard before. And that’s why I talk about a little bit more of this in the Life Adventurist podcast, but I’ll try to keep it not too woo woo and out there.

So Emily is an intuitive coach and she connects with different ascended, masters and angels and guides, and she is able to provide guidance. And she’s done this since she was a little girl and. Right now she is helping people to awaken their superhuman. So the seven day challenge was really about how can we untangle from the systems and the programs that are around us in society and our lives, so that we can really step into the freedom and not just the freedom of time, but like freedom to where you can really feel and experience euphoria.

And even the most smallest of moments. Essentially, but you know, her example of just like a moment of euphoria was walking into the store. She tells it a lot more robust than this, but basically walking in the store with her daughter and the floor and the steps and her daughter laughing behind, you know, next door, even though with what’s going on in the world and wearing a mask, she just felt a very strong wave of joy.

So really it’s about using our discernment and using our ability to step away from things that may trigger us or fear that may exist so that we can really make decisions out of love and out of a higher frequency instead of decisions out of fear for our own life and be that leader in our own life and be that leader to others. To be able to help them raise their frequency and live awakened superhuman.

Jai: So tying everything you learned, like being triggered with fear and making decisions in those moments or whatever, instead of stepping out, tying that back to like work situations… ours in particular with this week, for example, or we don’t have ever talk about us.Let’s talk about entrepreneurs. Because I’m pretty sure there’s a lot of you who listened to the show entrepreneurs because I’ve learned so much in the past quarter past two quarters that I definitely wouldn’t have done, like, if we didn’t learn so much, like something not working and you jumping to a different direction immediately.

Jenny: Right. We make knee jerk reactions to things.

Jai: So like running ads, if Erica didn’t tell us “You got to give this 30 days, or a few weeks till you see something”, I would have been like, dang, what the hell is going on? Yeah. Like let’s cut bait and get out of this, right? Yeah. So in that situation, and I think this is important too.

I think more people should talk about this because we usually see the shiny things in the entrepreneurs… we see the people that teach six K in six weeks or six in six months, which is like the glory, not the story, but talking about the emotional connection to that. Talking about the struggle. I’ve seen very few people.

It might’ve been something you were watching. Where a lady, she did something and she was on home shopping network and she was like her and her husband. It was the last day, the last chance, last opportunity, last something. And she met the owner or something. And I forget the story, forgive me guys. But basically she met this guy before and she’s like, I sell this or whatever and pitch to you.

And he was like, no, basically you’re not the right fit. Right. And then. She did stop that. She was like, yo, we’ve maxed out our credit cards. We’ve done all this. And her husband was like, Oh, if this doesn’t work, we gotta do something else. And then she got called back to the home shopping network and I think she killed it because there’s this whole thing with home shopping network but the stuff you have to do, yes, they’ll buy your stuff. But if you don’t sell a certain number of units within the time-frame, they’ll pull you.

Jenny: Yeah. It’s like you get five minutes of airtime. And you have to hit, I’m making the numbers up. You have to hit a thousand sales in the first minute. And if you don’t hit that, they’re going to cut your five minutes.

Jai: So long story short, she hit it, she sold it, she killed it and she’s famous now. And she met the guy again and she brought up that situation where they met before. And she was like, Whoa, why now? Whatever. And he was like, well, you just weren’t ready then.

Jenny: Yeah, but also too was part of that story where he is now an employee in her business.

She hired him.

Jai: You know what, this was the ***** thing, right? Yup. Okay. Yeah. Yup. She hired him.

Jenny: She hired him in her business. Good job.

Jai: And tying all this in, because I know you guys are like, Whoa, where the hell is he going? But like meeting Johan, Jenny going through the awakened superhuman. All this stuff, the rollercoaster trip we’ve been on this week with our particular situation, it was exhausting, honestly, because we were up late a couple of nights because when we were running our Facebook ads test, we were investing a significant amount of money.

And so we wanted to make sure that any changes that were suggested from our coaches, we were implementing ASAP. Right. And so we would and to, I mean, look. Johan probably came at a perfect time to cause talk about being addicted to your screen. I checked my email probably 852,000 times was last week.

Jai: Looking for that “Hey, you got a new sales?”

Jenny: Oh, it’s like I would check a check. I would check, check and Facebook to see if it was liking or commenting anything. And honestly like between staying up late and all of that, I was absolutely drained and I slept so much as we can, because even last night I went to bed late last night, went to bed at like 1:00 woke up at 9:30. I mean, it’s still eight and a half hours, but I was knocked out. I usually go play volleyball on Friday nights and I pulled out a volleyball on Friday night because I was so wiped out the night before I went to bed at like 9:30 or 10. And I slept all the way til like nine. Yup. And here’s the thing, not a lot really changed with what we were doing besides a couple of nights staying up, but because we’re entrepreneurs in this, what we choose, we let ourselves sleep the seven or eight hours, but difference is the energetic output and the attachment to the outcome that almost made it.

And I mean, I thought about this after the fact, it’s almost like the analogy cause I play softball. And if, I mean, is baseball or softball, like, and even if you don’t, you’re at least aware of the sport and I’ll tell you that when you’re up to bat and you’re trying really hard to hit the shit out of it, you’re usually going to pop it up to the pitcher, the catcher or wherever. Right. And you’re gripping the bat so hard. Versus if you take a deep breath and you relax and your hands are loose, you can hit the shit out of the ball, hit a home run and hit it far and get a hit. Right. Right. And it hit hard. And it’s almost like the same thing. I almost wonder if energetically, we were gripping the hell out of that bat last week that it almost in a way repelled.

Jai: Oh, that’s a good point talking to energy, but the switch for us talk about, cause you’re the one who found Julie’s podcast.

Jenny: Yeah. So we like day two of that test. We were like, Oh, shit. Let’s go eat some bonbons and stuff, you know, like, Oh, it’s time to go. Yeah. We were like in depressed mode.

Jai: Like, man, we were both in depressed mode, which doesn’t happen often.

Jenny: Yeah, it was, it was pretty rough. And then we were sitting there thinking, and then I was like, all right, there’s gotta be something that could pull us out of this. So Julie and Kathy, Julie Stone and Kathy. Do you remember last name?

Jai: I don’t remember Kathy’s last name…Olsen?

Jenny: Doesn’t matter, but their business is Funnel Gorgeous. And what they do is they make funnels and they help people with funnels and all that stuff. And they’re really good at what they do. And they’ve built a multimillion dollar business and Julie, she is like more the content producer than Kathy. And so she writes a lot of like long blogs and articles.

So I was like, there’s gotta be something about this somewhere. So I started searching in there, the marketer’s heart, Facebook group and seeing like, alright, I don’t even remember what I searched for all. I know, I just searched “depressed plus funnel.” I don’t know. I searched. And then someone was like, Oh my God, this is what helped me because I was getting ready to totally post like a victimy type post and be like, “Oh my God, like who, why us?”

Why is this happening? Like, I was kind of like desperate. Right. And I posted, and then there was a comment also like a blog that she had and then someone said, Oh, I listened to episode number 42 of hers,which honestly, that made me wonder if we should number our podcasts, like episode numbers, because that’s how I found the podcast.

If I would just scroll through her 200 podcasts to find the name, I would have never found it. And I found like episode 42, which was the one talking about exactly what we are going through and we listened to it and we were both like, duhdahduh, like maybe that’s not the right word or the right sound. Okay. Cause I was like, what’s like a superhero sound? I mean, that’s kind of one. Yeah. Right. I’m standing here with like one arm on my hip, like chest out,  like with a smile on my face. We were like, we got this. Oh my God. But then the other thing too, and I don’t know if you’re going to make this pass over is we were like, this is what we help our clients with, just with food.

Right? Because think about those moments of desperation.

Jai: Definitely a good point. And circling back, doubling back, coming back to your energy thing about repelling that positive energy. Sometimes you have to go through something to be able to help someone else out, because it’s one thing to say, you do this, but you know, if you’ve never been being overweight, you know what I’m saying?

And you’re trying to help somebody lose weight and be like, Oh, what the hell do you know about losing weight? You look like you’ve been 150 your entire life. So how can you help me? You’re speaking from a different place when you’ve actually been through it. You know what I’m saying? When you actually been on the edge, getting ready to tip over something like snatches you back.

So it’s a different type of vibe when you’re talking to somebody and you can relate that in your life. Right. All right. So recapping this wild ride on the Jai and Jenny side. Sometimes shit happens, man. Shit, doesn’t go the way that you think it should, but you have to be aware you didn’t touch on this. I’m touching on it for you or aware of the opportunities, no matter how they may pop up, because if your so like laser focus, as you always do with the blinders on looking directly ahead of you, sometimes you miss all the stuff that’s going on around you that can benefit your situation. So there’s always opportunities, guys. Always, no matter what the opportunities look like, we probably would’ve never met Johan.

He popped up exactly when he needed to, because he was talking about detoxing from your electronic devices screen. Perfect timing. If we kind of weren’t struggling or if we didn’t go through funnel gorgeous or offer, we probably would not know of Julia and Kathy and look for that group and look for those resources to that particular podcast…to pull us out. So things happen for a reason. Things happen for a reason. And I know you might get sick and tired of me saying this, but you have to trust the process because there is a process at work, no matter what you believe in, whatever dogma you subscribed to there is something that is happening behind the scenes that we can’t see, we don’t know about, but we have to trust it’s for our higher good and our betterment.

Jai: So the thrive guide, if you’re ready to hit health and fitness goals for good, without a fad, a temporary fix, or having a subscribed to products that waste your hard earned money, you guys should really check out. The thrive guide, All one word, and this bundle is a do it yourself approach that is basically going to help you get out of fad exercising and dieting, and it tunes into your particular life, your particular lifestyle and what you want to do. We have two people who are working in our other program, who started off with the thrive guide. And these ladies are getting, I would say amazing results for the couple of weeks. They might not be mind blowing results to some people, but to see how they’re embracing the change and implementing in their life, I’m looking forward to what else they’re going to be hitting us with. So, all right, guys, that is our show Mahalo for tuning in. UK – Cheers. Everybody else tune up, holla. You can subscribe to The Hollastic Life podcast from your favorite streaming platform. And don’t forget to check out to stay in the know as an official 2J’s insider. Mahalo for tuning in and until next time, that’s our show.

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