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A lot of times people think that knowledge and wisdom are the same thing. However, you cannot have wisdom without knowledge and having knowledge, doesn’t automatically mean that you have wisdom. Wisdom is a virtue that isn’t innate. It can only be acquired through life experiences. Listen in as Jenny explains the importance of reflecting on your experiences, learning from them so you can finally step into the driver’s seat of your life. You are in control.

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Welcome to another episode of the life adventurous podcast. I’m Jenny Holla, your host and life adventurist. Of course. And I am so excited that you’re here. Of course, thank you for being a awesome listener of the show. If you don’t know, I have another podcast that my husband, Jai and I are on called the hollastic life show.

And that show has actually hit the top hundred charts in Italy in a couple of different categories, which we are super excited about that. And I share that with you because we are also looking to grow this show. So, if you could please share this, invite other friends share this podcast with other friends who you think would really benefit from it.

If you are listening on Apple iTunes, if you could leave a review five star review, let us know how we are doing. And of course we want to continue to give you even more amazing things. And we continue with another episode on the spirit animal season. And today’s animal is the Wolf. And to be honest, when I was sitting here thinking about what I was going to bring to you today and talk about today, as it related to the Wolf, I just sat in pause for a minute because the Wolf spirit is about turning knowledge into wisdom.

And even just looking at the Wolf here on these cars. And if this is your first episode turning in. On the series of the spirit animal series. These are actually inspired by Collete Baron Reid the spirit animal oracle, and I pulled cards for each episode. Right? And so when I pull cars, I set the intention that the card I would pull would be the message that not only myself, but you would also need to hear in this moment.

And the Wolf spirit came up for this episode. And so I’m looking at the beautiful artwork on here. And this, this Wolf just has a look that pierces you in a good way. It’s just like that, that. That wisdom look just like you feel like looking into the eyes of this Wolf, that there’s just a lot of knowledge and wisdom here.

There’s, there’s a lot of history. There’s a lot of life experience. It’s almost as if this Wolf has seen many things, some things in which the wolf will not tell you about some things this will teach you through its ways kind of reminds me of an elephant, but in a very different way. And just kinda, just kind pause.

Cause I was thinking, what is it that I can share with you? What is it that I can bring to the table in this conversation? Because as I was reading, you know, the card and what this stands for is it’s talking about, you know, any lessons that you’ve learned in your journey of life is you don’t leave them unexamined.

I was looking up a little bit of stuff here on Google too. And just kind of really just grasping and wrapping my head around this whole concept of turning knowledge into wisdom and what it really means. And I came over a couple of things that caught my eye, and one of them was talking about how wisdom is a virtue that isn’t innate and it can only be acquired through experience.

And so it says that a lot of times people think that knowledge and wisdom are the same thing. But you cannot have wisdom without knowledge. And also just by having knowledge, doesn’t automatically mean that you have wisdom. It’s a matter of really just like reflecting and having the life experiences and analyzing them.

And then also putting that knowledge into work, putting that knowledge to the test, applying that knowledge is what then helps you to become a wise person, helps you to have that wisdom and step into that wisdom. And another thing that I saw was about this concept of knowing when to let go and when to hold on.

And this, the site had said, wisdom is always found in this dynamic of exchange. Why is individuals know what to hold fast to and what to release those who are foolish, hold fast to what will kill them and release what would bring them life. It’s just deep. Because I think about us as humans, like human race in general, right.

As a, as a collective of population. We’re so many of the people are just really just on automatic. I’ve talked about this before, and it’s been a while since I’ve brought this metaphor into what I’m talking about, it’s like a car, you know how there’s an automatic car and a manual car. I mean, must have automatic cars, but when you drive an automatic.

Really don’t have to think a whole lot. Like, yes, you have to pay attention to the road and the people around you. You have to do that regardless when you’re driving. But driving an automatic is literally just like simple park reverse drive, neutral. Like it’s, there’s not that much to do. Once you put the car in the right gear, it just goes, you just press the gas, you press the brake.

I don’t have to think a whole lot. Right. The thing about a manual car, if you’ve never driven one, a standard, a manual car is that you have to put the car in each gear. You have to put the car in first, second, third, fourth, and fifth. And then of course in reverse a neutral, but each as you’re accelerating, you’re pushing one foot on the clutch and the other one on the gas, and then you’re putting it into that gear.

And all the time you are working in the manual, like. Especially if you’re going on hills, right? You’re like rolling back. You’re trying not to hit somebody. Like you’re working a lot more. And even though that that manual car can become automatic because it just becomes second nature. You’re still like active in the process.

Okay. And so if you think about those two examples and you think about our life, you know, so many people, so many people out in the world, and this could be you as well is so many people just. Live their life in automatic. You know, it’s just like an automatic process. Like I get up in the morning. I have my coffee, I drive to work.

I go to work. I hate my work or maybe I like it. Whatever I get off at five, six, seven, eight o’clock I drive home. I maybe pick up fast food on the way home or eat something. When I get home, I maybe see my family, I go to bed, I do it all over. Like, it’s just this process that just goes over and over. Maybe you get home and you watch TV or you watch the news or whatever did you do.

And it just happens over and over and over. And it’s like in a blink of an eye time goes by and you weren’t really like active in your life. You weren’t really present because it was just like, life was happening to you. Okay. Or life is happening to you if this is your current scenario. However, I feel that for a lot of us in 2020, with everything that happened, it was almost like life 2020 took you and shook you out of automatic.

Shook you out of automatic and now you’re in manual. And for some of y’all y’all, don’t know how to drive a manual car for shit. You’re trying to figure this out. You’re like first gear, fourth gear screeching, because you haven’t had to do this, or maybe you did it a long time ago and you forgot because when you, when you’re in manual, you are actively driving your life.

You’re actively driving your car and you get to choose. Where are you go? And what that experience is like and how smooth it is and how bumpy, you know, like you get to like determine the pace and you get to do all of that. And I think about like, we have so much knowledge available to us. There’s so many things, so many different lessons in life experiences we have learned.

However, if you’ve spent a lot of your life in like automatic, How many lessons have you learned? Like how much knowledge do you have? Have you been feeding more knowledge into your life versus if you’re manual, like you’re actively looking for ways to grow and develop and learn more. And even for 2020, like ways for how you can step into more bliss and freedom and joy because you’re in control.

Because freedom is yours. Go back to horse spirit. If you haven’t listened to that, listen to that episode or relisten to it, but really stepping into that freedom, stepping into that, it’s just a different mindset. I really thought of the analogy of our life being in manual or automatic. And so the question is, is your life right now?

Like where is it? Are you manual or automatic? Or were you an automatic and then you got linked jump-started into manual, and you’re trying to figure out how to make manual work for you. And I’m curious, do you miss the automatic or are you actually enjoying the manual? Because for me, I feel like when the Wolf spirit shows up, the Wolf spirit to me is like a reminder of.

This life experience that we have, this knowledge that we learn, especially if you are a lifelong learner. And especially if you’re listening to podcasts, I’m going to say you are right. And you’re, and you’re looking to learn. You’re looking to grow if you’re living your life in manual, where you’re looking to grow it and whatnot that you have even more of an opportunity to turn all of that knowledge into wisdom, because you’re applying that knowledge. You’re applying those life experiences, life choices in your life. You’re putting it to the test and now it’s turning in wisdom. Now your, this Wolf on this car, looking at me with those like deep eyes that just they’re like the old soul.

I want to go. I, and go to this wolf spirit on this card and just be like, man, tell me the ways of the world. I want to know, you know, cause it’s like just, it’s just, it’s powerful. Versus if you’re living your life an automatic, you may have a lot of knowledge, but how much of that knowledge is turning into wisdom because really the idea is, is are you present and active in your life and creating your life?

And you’re like an active, like you’re actively doing the first year, second year, third year, like you’re actively doing that or are you just kind of like passive in your life and you’re just reacting and responding to the world around you versus choosing how you react or respond to the world around you.

One of the most powerful sentences in the book here about the Wolf spirit is you are the one you’ve been waiting for. I think that’s so powerful because this is a lesson that I’ve been learning here recently in that I’ve spent so much time looking for external guidance, praise, confirmation, explanations, et cetera.

And there’s so much that’s calling me to go internal. There’s so many things that are reminded me to go internal and to be able to, it sounds so cliche. It’s like, it’s like be able to turn knowledge into wisdom because like, I’ve read the books, I’ve read the things. And so much of me knows that that’s what’s next, but in order to apply that knowledge and turn it into wisdom, all of that wisdom will be gained from going inside and connecting to myself.

And it being, being able to listen to my, my guides, my higher self, my soul, the energy, all of those things. Right. And stepping into that. And like this card says is you are the one you’ve been waiting for. You are truly in alignment with your destiny. Just let that sink in. How much time have you spent really embodying the Wolf spirit and remembering to review your lessons, remembering to go inside, noticing when your life has moved from manual to automatic and then waking back up and be like, Oh, I want to go back in manual and is okay to be an automatic for a bit. Like there’s nothing wrong with automatic, unless you’re in it so long that it’s not serving you right. Where you’re just kind of like a bystander of your life. Ah, so many questions. I’m just thinking like wisdom. Do we want it? Do we crave it? It’s like reflection. It’s just a, and that’s exactly, it’s kind of like the thing it’s like, you’re thinking about the lessons you’re reflecting.

I just, some, I feel at so much peace looking at this card, like, I feel like words can’t even really explain, but maybe right there, that’s the power of wisdom. Very much looking forward to hearing from you and how this has impacted you, helped you to grow what ideas you have. Of course, the best way to share them is on Instagram @thelifeadventurist, shoot me a DM.

Or of course, please take a screenshot of this and put it on your stories. And tag me, we’ll love to hear what you loved about this episode. And I am so excited to continue on this journey with the spirit animals with you. You’re going to love the next episode. I have a pretty kick ass surprise for you.

So make sure you tune in next week for the next episode, which is going to be Hawk spirit. So excited for that one. All right. Follow me and hit me up on Instagram @thelifeAdventurist. Have a good day. Thank you for listening to the life of interest podcast. If you loved this episode, remember to subscribe on your favorite podcast app.

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