Woody Harrelson ‘Insisted’ On Helping Complete Strangers Move Out Of Apartment

2021-05-03 18:31:54

Wall Street Journal reporter Alex Janin and her boyfriend, music producer and audio engineer Grant Jefferson, were moving their stuff out of their New York City apartment over the weekend when they got some very random help from the very famous actor Woody Harrelson.

On Saturday, Janin posted a photo of her and the “Zombieland” star holding houseplants and smiling for the camera on Twitter. The caption, which quickly went viral, read:

“Woody Harrelson helped us move out of our apartment today. Love you, NYC.”

“I was just thinking to myself, ‘Only in New York,’” Jefferson told HuffPost of the experience via email. “Naturally, I didn’t want to burden him with helping us but could not turn down having the story to tell my friends.”

Jefferson added that the kind encounter with the actor shifted the way he views celebrity.

“I realized that letting fame harden you or make you pretentious may be more an internal thing than just the outcome of fame,” Jefferson told HuffPost.

In a follow-up tweet, Janin explained that Harrelson was leaving a store next to their building when he saw the couple moving. Janin said she just happened to be moving her bike into a U-Haul at the exact moment Harrelson was on a hunt for a Citibike station. He asked the couple if they knew where the closest one was, they all got to talking and Harrelson — whom Jefferson described as having “total dad vibes” — eventually “insisted” upon helping them move.

And although the act was sweet (especially since Janin also admitted that she lives in a walk-up building), some folks on Twitter were distracted by one particular aspect of Janin’s photo — the state of her fiddle leaf fig plant.

Apparently, Harrleson didn’t beat around the bush when he saw the plant, either.

In response to many Twitter users taking issue with the condition of her plant, Janin wrote: “YES I am aware that my fiddle leaf is basically dead. And yes, Woody did tell me I should water it more.”

Jefferson told HuffPost that after Harrelson helped the couple move, the “True Detective” star “resumed his search for a citi bike.”

And although the couple eventually made their way to their new home, apparently the pathetic plant did not. 

“We left it on the street for a (hopefully) better home,” Jefferson said. “I have a fantasy Woody came back later and saved it. He was concerned.”


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