Are you looking to level up in your career? Maybe you believe you have already reached your personal peak and can’t find a way to improve from that. In this episode, Jenny and Jai explain their personal take on the meaning of Zenith and why they believe there is always room to grow. Don’t be complacent in life, always strive to do better!

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Jai: I was just about to say that sounded like a normal intro, but you proved me wrong yet again!

Jenny: The Hollastic Life show I’m Jenny and the other guy’s name is Jai. So excited, you’re here with us. Of course, the best season ever. The fluster cluck season.

Every season we do is the best season. The one we’re on is the best season. Yes. Look, I’m talking about in the moment that we do every podcast, regardless of what the season is, it’s the best season ever. And if you disagree… You’re crazy. I think whatever we put out is bad-ass bitches….

Jai: There’s no where to go from this then.

Jenny: Oh, here we go. There’s everywhere to go from best. Why can’t you just own it in some moments?

Jai: Cause I always want to be better.

Jenny: Okay. Fine. This is the worst season ever. What word would you choose? It’s called hype hype is the best season ever hype. Okay. He is not hype man, but guess what? We do have a, 2J hype squad.

If you want to be a part of it, reach out to us on Instagram at 2_JHolla. We’re going to have some cool gear for our two J hype squad, but you’re not going to take any learning from Jai on hype. Cause this is the best season ever. So welcome. To the episode about Zenith. Okay. So apparently Jai was like, ready to go on this one.

And yet he’s just quiet. So I have to define Zenith because I really wasn’t sure what it meant. And I’m going to share. Okay. Cause you may be like, what the hell is Zenith or Hey, maybe you already know and you’re freaking smart and that’s awesome. So proud. Love it. That you’re smart. Even though here, here we go.

I got a 39 GPA in high school. Doesn’t mean anything. Yeah, no. Rewind. I got a four Oh three eight in high school.

I got a four Oh three eight in high school. I got a three nine in college. I’m pretty dang smart, but I didn’t know what Zenith was and smart is relative Booksmart, not always street smart. Okay. So Zenith. Zenith is the time at which something is most powerful or successful. And then in astronomy, it means the point in the sky or celestial sphere directly above and observer.

Got it. Do you need to use in a sentence? Yes, please. Okay. So in a sentence under Justinian, the Byzantine empire reaches Zenith of his fluency, as soon as this whack. I’m sorry, sir. That’s the only sentence we have now. Can you spell Zenith is trash on.

Jai: I don’t know. I guess that kind of goes into like the best, you know, what did they say, reaching your peak or whatever, reaching your prime.

I guess that would be a Zenith. I always feel there’s another level. There’s always another level. Like, so I guess the Zenith is always changing for me, but if, if the Zenith is like the, the highest point.

Jenny: It’s not necessarily the highest. It says the time at which something is most powerful or successful.

Okay. But I would say that’s looking over because according to the sentence that you thought it was whack, it’s talking about how the empire reaches Zenith of influence. If you look back at the timeframe that was like the height of their influence, that’s what I’m saying though. Like as kind of like a stopping point, the end point, like dating, you get any better than that.

It sucks for them. So how can we get better? So, you know, once we scale that Hill and we hit that Zenith. Is there another Hill.

Jai: There’s always another Hill. There’s always like I didn’t get the Hill. Cause they probably got complacent and comfortable. They probably didn’t strive to get any better.

Jenny: They liked that power too much.

Jai: You know? I think like when people use words like best big, they get comfortable, they get complacent. They don’t think there’s anywhere else to go. As when someone swoops in and does something better than you do it. And then you’re like, yo, like I’m the best public speaker, you know, I’m the, I’m the best marketing guru.

Like I’m the best it’s like labeling yourself, right. To me, that’s kind of cocky and arrogant in a sense. Cause it’s like, This is where it stopped. Like it doesn’t go beyond, there is no next level. Like I am, it was like, yeah, like there’s always another level. So I try to refrain from using, using words, like best because you can always be better.

Jenny: Okay. Well question them about 872,000 companies. Say that they have the best ice cream, the best Italian, the best pizza, the best service, the best, whatever, and their marketing and their taglines and their commercials and their flyers. So the question is all of these companies use that. So you’re saying that’s whack, it’s arrogant.

It’s. Yeah. Yes. Yes, I do very much. So how many people have we went into? Who said such and such has the best pizza? All of them, all of them say they have the best people. Oh, people I’m talking about companies.

Jai: My point is for one, that’s marketing to say it and believe it is two different things. They obviously believe it.

Jenny: You don’t, you don’t think the marketing. No. No, I don’t. I think we put the best, whatever on ours. I believe that shit.

Jai: That’s a ploy. That’s a game to get people over to your place. Got it. Cause people want the best. Cause they look in like Yelp or whatever for the best, just like copyright.

It’s a psychological thing. It’s a play on words.

Jenny: Oh, it’s a song by Tina Turner. That was probably used in one of those commercials.

Jai: Probably. No, I don’t believe those companies believe it because if they, if they did believe that they were the best, they wouldn’t constantly look for ways to improve. Now what they say, not the best, because we’re continuing to get better.

Would you want to go to a place like that? So of course, they’re going to use the, like the fancy, shiny words to make people say, Oh, there’s the best. Let me go.

Jenny: Okay. So I just, I just put Google who is the best. And then here’s all the fill in the blank rapper singer in the world, rapper in the world, rapper of all time rapper in 2020 Fortnite player player in the world, drummer in the world, Minecraft player, example of a dictator.

Well, damn it just went left.

Jai: All of that is perspective though. I mean, it’s, it’s really relative. Because if I ask Google who the best rapper is…

Jenny: what am I looking up in the world or of all time? Because my curiosity is kicking in. I want to know who the best is of all time or in the world. They’re both relative pick one of all time, 10 best rappers of all time.

According to billboard, according to billboard, what’s he getting relative? I don’t know. Not all 10 are on this. Let me go onto the next screen. Number 10, Lil Wayne.

Jai: disagree.

Jenny: With him being number 10 for him being on the top 10?

Jai: him being at a top seat of my personal picks.

Jenny: Kendrick Lamar, number nine.

Jai: Agree with him being in top 10.

Jenny: eight Ghostface Killah.

Jai: Definitely. He would be in my top three!

Jenny: Seven Lauren Hill,.

Jai: rapper ? More like a lyricist and songwriter definitely would not even be on the top 10 list of rappers. Let’s continue.

Jenny: Six Andre, 3000.

Jai: Yep, top three.

Jenny: Five NAS.

Jai: Yep. Agree.

Jenny: Four, Rakeem.

Jai: I mean, it wouldn’t be on my top ten, but I get it.

Jenny: three Eminem.

Jai: Okay.

Jenny: I got excited about that.

Jai: Of course you did.

Jenny: Two, Jay Z.

Jai: agree.

Jenny: Number one who’s your guess? … you don’t have one? notorious B I G.

Jai: ..I.. definitely would not be my number one. I don’t even think he would make my top 10. I’m probably going to get some heat for that, but.

Jenny: billboard says!

Jai: it’s relative.

Jenny: Right. It totally is. But we’re talking about what other people are saying, well, this is this one’s good because this, this different article by medium, which is not by medium it’s by Brad callous in 2018 clickbait from a purely commercial perspective. So it’s kind of based on album sales, number one, albums, like that’s more based on data, right?

Number one, singles, number one, rap songs. Cause number 10 and 2018 P Diddy nine Tupac. Eight lil Wayne, seven ludicrous, six 50 cent five, Kanye West four, Nelly three Drake, two Jay Z, one Eminem.

Jai: So you’re going by data, but if we’re talking about like taking out the data and putting into, and even from that, see the list of changed and I’m pretty sure if you asked any one of those.

Some of those people wouldn’t consider themselves the batch wrapper because they’re always striving to be better than they were.

Jenny: Right. Well, and they just may be at the Zenith of their career or they could hold the Zenith. Some of these people are still like Michael Jackson before he died.

Jai: Uh, it it’s hard for me because I feel that’s perspective.

You know, are you limiting yourself to that? Because some might say who is, let’s take a LL cool J because LL has kind of transcended generations. So to say, like LL was in his prime back in like the early nineties is difficult for me because LL is one of those people who kept with the times. You know what I’m saying?

When the music changed, LL change with the music to make himself still relevant. That’s why there’s always, it may be a new Zenith. You know what I’m saying? Like there’s a next level, maybe like your, your Zenith, his career for sake of conversation, since we’re talking about, you know, musicians, artists and all that, you can talk about Zenith in timeframes.

Yeah. But it’s like, I hit this goal. Do I stop? Like, I think that’s, that’s my challenge with this like Xena thing. Like I think you hit the Zenith and some people just get comfortable there and it’s like, I refuse to get comfortable because the times are always changing and I want to be up on relevancy of if my thing is to like help people.

You know what I’m saying? Like, I can’t help people in, in the realm of wellness, fitness, nutrition, if I’m still working on data back in like 2003, right.

Jenny: Do you feel that you could hit a Zenith in something and then not have an interest to go to a next level? And then move on to something else.

Jai: Like totally switch it up, change it.

Jenny: Well, I guess, I mean, I was just thinking like me in sales. Right. And you’re talking about how things are changing. I mean, I guess. I’m always going to be improving in sales. But I think of my job as a corporate sales person, you know, I hit my Zenith. I did good. I think if that’s your goal and then, but like with coronavirus, everything changed announce when we’re virtual, it’s a totally different ball game and it wasn’t something and it isn’t something I want to try to figure out.

Jai: That’s another aspect too. Okay. So it’s like, okay. My corporate career, I did X amount of whatever, whatever here and there. Right. And then I wanted to switch it up and start my own business. As a business owner. I hit my prime here. I do see people hitting Zeniths as, as kind of like benchmarks in their lifetime.

I like that as a benchmark, but still, even though it’s not in the same thing. There’s still another level. There’s still another Zenith. Even if it isn’t in the same area of sales. Yes. You hit your Zenith sales, but now you’re finding your groove. You’re trying to hit that Zenith in, in a business owner.

And once you hit that, you might say, okay, cool. I hit the Zenith or I hit my prime as a business owner. Now I want to show other people how to do that. There’s still another level. So like Zenith for me and how or whoever defined it. I don’t resonate with cause it’s, it’s like the end point, you know ?

Jenny: I don’t know if it’s an end point because similar words are like high point height.

Top peak pinnacle apex league. It’s more, those kinds of words, not necessarily end to point, but maybe that’s how you view it as an endpoint.

Jai: Not necessarily end point, but it’s like the glass ceiling. You can only go so far for me, it would work better like name a mountain:

Jenny: Pike’s peak.

Jai: Is this the highest mountain in the world?

Jenny: No.

Jai: Okay. So Pikes peak, for instance, right. You hike to the top of Pike’s peak. You can’t go any further to that. That’s the Zenith of Pike’s peak. So what’s after Pike’s peak, just in general.

Jenny: just in general. Yeah. I mean, that’s a F I think that’s a 14 or a 12 or 11 somewhere in that range. She’s got them all up. Hey, if you guys don’t know what the hell that means. I don’t the amount of feet it is in the air. So Denali, because now I’ve got a list in front of me. Denali’s in Alaska. That’s 20, 2308 feet.

Jai: So it’s like, I guess for me, like, if Zenith is like your goal, the goal of Denali is the peak, the Zenith, the very top of that.

Right. And you hit that. You’re like, all right, boom. This is the top for this particular goal or whatever. I can’t go any higher than this. So what’s next.

Jenny: I mean the highest, highest Mount Everest, 29 Oh two, nine feet. The highest period and the story, unless you go to the moon.

Jai: I really don’t even think I would, would use the word Zenith. I probably, wouldn’t not in like regular life, but even, even like subconsciously. I like peak rather than Zenith correction.

Jenny: Pike’s peak is 14 or I said 14 or 11 or 13 is 14 or 14. 11 one five. Yes.

Jai: So all you hikers out there, don’t send us hate mail saying you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. She corrected itself.

Jenny: I thought it was a 14 or cause it’s in Colorado and there’s so many fourteeners in Colorado.

Jai: There’s always another, another peak. There’s always something else. There’s always that, that thinks. So if it was defined differently, for me, some people might see that and be like, yeah. Okay.

Jenny: I get it. But it’s just like the way that my mind works and processes, things like that. It’s like, okay, I did that. Well, there’s always going to be a what’s next, I guess, unless you’re okay with becoming complacent. Right. Hence why I said that definition sentence was trash. Well, cause, but it was about the highest point.

So like I get it because if you look back on your life, like if I look back at my softball career, I can very clearly see the Zenith of my softball career. And it would have been my sophomore year in college. Got it. That was when I was like super focused. I still played good. Right. And the years after and whatnot, but like that point, being able to see the ball rotating, I hit the most home runs in my career that year or team took seventh or eighth and nationals.

Sorry, coach. I don’t remember which one we like. No, but just in case. Okay. Just in case he found us miraculously for a guy who doesn’t have wifi or hardly know how to use his phone. He may have found us. Okay. He knows how to use his phone. He’s just not into it. He’s into hunting and stuff. Not related to the phone that would have been looking back.

That would have been the Zenith of my softball. Are there other years that I played really well and I did really good. Absolutely. Could I hit another Zenith? Sure.

Jai: Just sounds weird to me.

Jenny: but that was the peak. Okay, fine. I won’t say Zenith. That was the peak is very clear to me in the moment. I didn’t necessarily think like, Oh, this is my prime.

I’m the best. I feel like to only have few people in this world, like a small percentage, actually get to be the best at something. And what I mean by that is like holding whatever record for being the fastest mile or for being the, whatever you are literally the best. Right. In that Michael Phelps, you know, like until, and you could hold that best record.

Doesn’t mean you’re still performing at that year after year. If you maybe are right. It just depends on like where they’re at in their process. They hit an absolute best the top the Zenith. Because even if you look at like Michael Phelps, right, like he’s not going to be able to swim. As that his entire life.

And there’s really like, he already hit the, and someone’s going to beat him eventually. If they haven’t already have someone broke his record yet swimming, we’d have, we’d have to look it up, but basically it’s like, someone’s going to eventually beat his record if they haven’t already. Okay. So like, does he hold it for a year?

Does he hold it for 10 years? No. Right. Not for like Michael Phelps records.

Jai: Try has anyone beat Michael self’s record?

Jenny: Michael Jordan came up. Okay. So here’s a perfect example at the swimming world. Championships Milak. However you say it. A 19 year old Hungarian claimed the world record in the 200 meter butterfly, which Phelps had held for 18 years.

Wow. So Phelps was the best at that. Now, granted, he only had a hit at once to hold that record. Could he hit it year after year? Maybe? Probably, I don’t know. Right? Definitely that year he hit, it could have been the Zenith or it could have not been the Zenith, but now we’re getting into like a little bit different when it comes to best.

Right. Michael Phelps was the best at the 200 meter butterfly until now Milak is. Now he is the best, but my point was is only a small percentage of people get to hold that title because I might’ve been the best softball player my sophomore year, but that was within. My college, my circle, our conference, whatever.

Right. Like, and I wasn’t the best, but like for sake of conversation, right. I might’ve been the best in the conference and all those things, but then what happens when we go to a different conference? What happens when we go from Ohio to California.

Jai: It’s kind of like being the valedictorian and then you go to college and you’re surrounded by all these other valedictorian.

Jenny: Right. So, I mean, yes, I was the best. But like in my little circle. Right. But like, when you’re talking I’m best, like there’s only a handful of people actually get to hold that legitimately, hold it. If we’re talking like what you’re talking, where there really is, like, can they get better? Absolutely. If we go back to the rappers and stuff, musicians, artists, whoever they’re not going to remain.

How about the one hit wonders? You know, they’re not going to remain around for five, 10, 15, 20 years if they don’t keep. Right. I don’t even want to talk about her.

So yeah. Zenith. I mean, I get what you’re saying. I get your point because you don’t really like the words like mastery or guru, or..

Jai: because if you’re talking, I get in an entertainment state or a frame or a sports ground, you know what I’m saying? You strive for that. But as, as business owners, as people do, I really want to strive for Zenith or peak or prime it’s and some people might.

The market, some people might, but I feel like there’s consistent growth. Like there’s consistent learning. So yeah. I can always get better.

Jenny: True, but like, okay. So you’re talking about the prime and the peak. I feel like some of that can only be realized when you look back at a period of time and be like, Whoa, 2020 was my breakout year.

Like I had the best year of all years. Right? Like for example, you could look back in a timeframe versus I can’t imagine being like, Oh my God, I really want to hit a Zenith. That seems weird. Versus, you know, let’s say we’re looking at financial things for a business, you know, Man. I’m really like, we’re really kicking ass in business.

We have a million dollar business we’re at our prime. This is awesome. But then, like you said, there’s another level. There’s another level of growth. So you can double or triple your business. You can do different things. So you’re gonna still gonna grow. Right. You’re still gonna do things. You’re not just gonna be like, Oh, I made a million, that’s it done?

Because at that point you’re already helping even more people and you were like, wow, how can I continue to scale this to help even more people and touch even more lives?

Jai: I think it should. Oh, no, I feel like the mindset is kind of tied into that. Like, Oh my God, I really hit my prime in my thirties or having a midlife crisis.

Like all these things tie into that for me. And it’s just like, why would you even even put that energy out there? Yeah. I love the stories when. You run across people who are being like, you know, I did this in my twenties. I did this in my thirties, wellness related and I’m 50, 60, 70 years old. And I’m in better shape now than I was like then.

So it’s like redefining that whole thing. Like, what is prime? What is prime? And I guess that’s a long about ways to give here, but it’s like, you know, what, what is prime? Like you could look back and say, okay, Business-related or whatever. Yeah. That was, that was a breakout year, but something else could happen to totally flip that year on its head.

If you stop looking, you kind of get complacent in what you’re doing. Like, Oh yeah. We’re pretty damn good in this wellness thing. Like what else is there? There’s always something else. Right? There’s always something else. I just got the wrap-up sign. So if you’re looking for that, something else, if your looking for your next level, you kinda like, nah, I did what you guys are saying, but you know, how do I tap into that?

We’d love to get on a wellness breakthrough call with you. We love to talk about where you are, where you want to go and how we can help you get there.

Jenny: So just go to the number two J forward slash breakthrough. Yep.

Jai: Is that the scheduling thing?

Jenny: No, that’ll kind of take you through, what’s included in the call and then yeah, once you, once you purchase the call, you can go to the scheduling.

Jai: Go there, check it out.

And if you are ready, able, and willing. To go to that next level, get on the call with us. Tell you you won’t regret it. You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. I know that kind of sounds cliche, but we are so serious.

Jenny: We are 58 peaks in Colorado. Serious.

Jai: That’s pretty fucking serious.

Jenny: 58 peaks that have more than 14,000 feet.

Jai: If you’re like years ears probably lit up serious. Yeah. Like, Oh shit, this serious. Hey, I don’t even know how serious we are, but apparently we’re pretty fucking serious. Yeah. If you’re looking for a breakthrough, if you’re looking for your next level, definitely go to and holler at us holler.

Jenny: Since when do you say holler?

Jai: since you’re listening. So until next time guys, Mahalo, Mahalo. You can subscribe to the hollastic life podcast from your favorite streaming platform. And don’t forget to check out to stay in the know as an official 2JH insider Mahalo for tuning in.

And until next time, that’s our show.

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