5 Practical Way to Find Fulfillment in Your Life

We all pursue happiness in our lives, and we all have different routes to go there. But, as social media bombards us with entrepreneurs hitting significant milestones and people leading amazing lives, our mind forces us to believe that there must be a way to achieve that holy grail of fulfillment in life.

Moreover, a transitional period, such as the start of a new year or approaching the second half of life, might amplify our urge to become more conscious of what truly matters to us. Every one of us is prone to taking stock of our lives and looking ahead to identify our priorities for the next stage of our lives. Humans, in the end, desire to be able to reflect on a fulfilled life.

But what does it mean to live a fulfilled life? What are its distinguishing features?

What is Fulfillment?

Our understanding of a fulfilled life roots in both the cognitive and affective characteristics. The definition of fulfillment entails that an individual must be able to develop and reach their full potential, feel true to themselves, become whole and complete, and lead authentic lives.

It also encompasses the belief that one existence is meaningful and has the potential to make one’s mark in the world and contribute to the well-being of others.

However, in the reality, a fulfilled life looks different for everybody. In the episode Finding Fulfilment in Life, Jenny and Jai Holla get vulnerable about their lives, sharing if and when they feel the most fulfilled – and what that means for them. Giving us insights into what a true venture of attaining fulfillment looks like, the episode paints a clear picture of the route to fulfillment, and if fulfillment is even worth pursuing.

Finding Fulfillment in Life

Following through, the episode, here are the top five shortcuts to achieving fulfillment in your life:

100% Success and Happiness is a Fallacy

Accepting that happiness and fulfillment aren’t permanent is the first step toward setting better goals.

It’s a fallacy that happiness is all about smiling and being happy all of the time. Happiness, in actuality, comes in spurts. And how content you are with your regular life is a direct cause of these outbursts.

As a result, daily fulfillment is a far greater objective than aiming for a lifetime of fulfillment. You’ve laid the foundation for a content mind if you feel like you’re moving closer to your long-term goals every day. And that contented mind will allow for a stream of deep delight to arise.

Fulfillment comes from having the finest daily routine possible, focusing on silence, and pursuing mini-goals (e.g. writing 500 words every day, going to the gym, or walking two miles). And with these keys, you may achieve contentment without pursuing a mirage.

You Are in Charge of Your Life

We are often too quick to let others be in charge of our happiness – for example, our spouse or friend. However, the truth is that you are entirely responsible for your happiness and fulfillment.

Rather than blaming others or things for your lack of happiness, take matters into your own hands and find ways to be happy no matter what comes your way or how others treat you.

Being in charge of your destiny and self can seem challenging but is extremely rewarding.

Find The Good

There might be a moment in your life when pessimism surrounds you from all directions. It is at these moments, that you must dig within and recognize the positive aspects of your existence. Find and focus on the event, people, and things you are thankful for in your life.

Finding and focusing on the positive will help you feel more fulfilled and assist you in discovering areas in your career, business, or life that need improvement.

However, bear in mind; Self-fulfillment does not happen overnight. It takes effort and time but adopting the habit of finding good in every little moment and modifying your rituals can be a good starting point to a more fulfilled life. This will help you be more satisfied with the simple pleasures of life.

Stop Running Away from Boredom

Boredom is another reason why fulfillment isn’t perceived as a worthy objective.

To be honest, we all have dull lives. Influencers, performers, and IT entrepreneurs all do the same thing you do, but differently.

Every morning, everyone gets up and plans out the following 24 hours. Some may be wealthier than you, and their vacation spots may appear more luxurious, but they still go through a daily routine that may seem mundane to you but is thrilling to them.

Therefore, stop telling yourself that your life is dull and that you need to go to space to be happy. Instead, finding your optimal lifestyle and making small steps forward every day is the key to true satisfaction.

You’ll stop pursuing transitory happiness and feel more grounded once you understand that every lifestyle, no matter how spectacular, will become dull over time. And it’s a goal that’s well worth pursuing.

What Does Fulffilment Look For You?

Whether in your personal or professional life, set objectives for yourself. Perhaps you wish to reduce weight, return to school for a better degree, or increase your startup’s annual revenue.

If you create measurable objectives for anything you want to do, you’ll be more likely to succeed.

After you’ve defined these objectives, make a step-by-step strategy to reach them, and spend time picturing what it will take to succeed. Your objectives will become more feasible and tangible if you have a clear vision for them.

In Conclusion

 Fulfillment and happiness isn’t a goal to hit, but a journey alongside life itself. Listen to Jenny and Jai Holla dive deeper into the meaning of finding fulfillment in life.

Finding Fulfillment in Life

We’d love to hear what is your take on fulfillment in life. Comment below and, we’ll be sure to follow up with you.

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