5 Trending Podcast Topics in 2022: Save Months of Brainstorming

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Are you racking your brain day in and out in search of great ideas to start your own podcast? Then, we have got a solution!

Here’s a cheat sheet of the most in-demand topics for creating a podcast channel that resonates with your target audience.

Finding the Best Podcast Idea

Podcasts are definitely one of the most effective content marketing tools to advertise your brand. But, to succeed, you’ll have to give listeners valid reasons to choose your show over the thousands of others in the directory (and trusts us when we say there are a lot of podcasts!). 

So, here are the top three things you must consider before choosing a niche for your podcast:

What will you say?

There is nothing wrong with taking inspiration from other podcasters, but repeating the same content from your competitors is not the path to success.

With every piece of information a few clicks away, the audience wants new ideas, talking points, and perspectives when they tune into a show.

Therefore, podcasters who are capable of intriguing their audience with their unique content on perspective are ruling the industry.

So, before settling on your podcast topic, make sure you choose the one you have enough to discuss with your personal touch.

A Topic Close to Your Hear

Podcasts are a very intimate media. And listeners are quick to pick on the host’s lack of enthusiasm or passion for the topic. This, in turn, results in the listeners getting bored and tuning out.

However, when you talk about something you are immensely passionate about, coming up with new content ideas will be a breeze. Moreover, your audience can feel the enthusiasm in your voice and will not get bored from listing and gaining valuable insight into the topic.

Your genuine interest in the topics will create an atmosphere that will act as a magnet for other like-minded people. Thus helping you build a strong community and a loyal audience.

Monetization Prospective

No matter if you are aiming to start a brand podcast or a personal podcast channel, the monetization goal will come to you sooner or later. So, why not consider it at the initial stage?

While exploring the monetization perspective of your podcast, think about:

  • Can you advertise some topic-related services or products via your podcast?
  • Can you market and sell your own service or product in your show?

Read the blog to learn more about podcast monetization:

Podcast Monetization: Setting up the Best Podcast Sales Funnel

5 Most Popular Podcast Topics for 2022

Investment & Finance Podcast

Finance and investments podcasts are all about managing and investing money. However, finance podcasts can be focused on a variety of niches. While some talk about how to get out of debt or how to invest better, a handful of podcasters also help their audience get acquitted with money as a newbie.

So, if you have the expertise, why not assist your listeners in becoming more financially literate individuals?

However, before you start, make sure you have the requisite knowledge, or at least you can get industry experts to star as guests on your show.

Here are our top picks for investment & finance podcasts:

Are you a financial brand and want to create a podcast that is not just a commodity but truly adds value to your audience and establishes you as an authority in the finance industry?

Contact us, and let SayWHA Radio Network’s expert team help you do just that! 

Self-Help Podcasts

In 2022, self-help is officially cool. Along with the increasing popularity of motivational, inspiring, and educating books, podcasts are emerging as a more helping form of self-help media.

Just like popular self-help books, popular self-help podcasts offer brilliant stories, advice, tips, and wisdom for intelligently handling life’s biggest hurdles. From coping with difficult and perplexing emotions to building healthy relationships with our loved ones, self-help podcasts have become the go-to solution for the masses.

So, if you have adequate professional or personal experience in the field, creating a self-help podcast might be your answer. 

SayWHA Radio podcast channel is proud of its inspiring and indulging wellness podcasts. Here are our top picks for self-help podcasts

  1. The Hollastic Life Podcast
  2. The Life Adventurists

Life Stories

Confused about what to talk about on your podcast? Why not talk about you? 

Storytelling enables you to build an intimate connection with your listeners instantly. Especially personal stories uniquely tap into people’s hearts and conditions in a way that resonates. 

Think about it, the best stand-up routines you have rooted for, weren’t they personal stories of the comedian? In fact, when you tell your personal story to your listeners, you let them into a very personal space which puts them at ease and encourages them to root for you. 

Your life has many facets; to some, you are a dear friend; to a few, you are a collaborative colleague, some identify you as a parent, and the list continues. So, which aspect of your life should you discuss in your podcast?

 Here are some of the most popular choices:

  • Travel stories
  • Funny business and work anecdotes
  • First time experience (First time flying, first love, first job, etc)
  • Hard learned life lessons
  • Major milestones of your life (weddings, graduation, going to a colleague, child, buying a home, relationship, etc)

You might not realize it, but you are made up of stories, and your audience would love to hear them. However, make sure your stories add value – whether it inspires, educate, or amuse them – evoke emotions.

Here is one of our top picks:

Fitness Podcast

Are you a fitness enthusiast or a professional trainer? Then fitness podcast might be your answer.

Along with educating the audience about the best fitness tips and tricks, fitness podcasts help the audience to stay motivated. For people who get antsy and think about how tired they are through the workout process, a podcast can be a great help!

Tune in to your favorite fitness podcast while running on the treadmill, and your attention will be shifted from being tired to the content of the show.

Moreover, there is a huge audience who enjoy listening to podcasts while working out. And your podcast can help them keep their adrenaline high.

Justice, for example, created the podcast The FIT Life to talk about her adventure of trying to live a healthier life while building a business empire, date, have a social life, being a great daughter, a wonderful mom, and more. 

Through The FIT Life podcast, she presents her journey as learning motivation and consistency. So, if you need some inspiration, tune in to the podcast and join the conversation.

Review and News Podcasts

There are always plenty of events and news happening around the world. So, if you are an individual who likes to stay updated with the current news, then why not start podcasting about it?

You can choose to spotlight some specific areas or general news. Or you can also choose to review your favorite TV shows, movies, or books.

For example, SayWHA Radio® is a podcast of lifelong friends discussing the things going on in the world today. Tune in to get inspiration from the crew as they discuss the latest news, life events, and hottest topics weekly with humor, heart, and a whole lot more.

In Conclusion

To conclude, your podcast must ultimately interact with these three key factors:

  • Your enthusiasm for a specific topic
  • a market interested in the subject
  • Your capacity to approach the subject from a fresh aspect

These three crucial factors are the center of the finest shows, and they influence a lot of their material choices.

Remember that your creativity is your sole constraint when you choose the subject for your own podcast. To get you started, consider one of our five suggestions for a podcast. Then, let your imagination run wild as you come up with more ideas. Record your first episode after trimming them down by responding to the four important questions.

The Easiest Way to a Successful Podcast

We are a group of podcasting nerds who can help you through your podcasting journey. For over 12 years, we have helped aspiring brands and hosts master the podcasting game.

From curating the best content to publishing and marketing for better reach, SayWHA Radio is the go-to partner to many successful names in the industry. 

So, book your first podcast consultation with the experts today, and let’s give your audience a podcast worth their time!

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