Entrepreneur Talk: 5 Ways to Master the Art of Never Giving Up

Many successful businesses would agree that no matter what happens, you must keep moving forward and never give up! Though it is pretty simple to give in to failures, it is more difficult to persist through stormy times and keep going forward.

The journey of transforming a startup into a successful business endeavor is never easy; there are always obstacles to overcome. An entrepreneur ventures through the seven degrees of hell from the moment the seed of a business idea is planted until they reach the pinnacle of achievement!

However, there are moments in every entrepreneur’s journey where quitting might seem like the easier option, and getting over that negativity is one of the toughest hurdles to cross. Jai and Jenny from the Hollastic Life Podcast share their struggle with the urge to give up and why for them, giving up is no longer an option.

We were about to give up…

Following the amazing episode, here are the top five ways to master the art of never giving up as an entrepreneur:

1. Surround Yourself with Resilient Partners

According to Jim Rohn, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

If you spend all of your time with quilters, you won’t be able to master not giving up. Do you usually hang out with tenacious people? If not, it’s time to make some new acquaintances.

You are more likely to learn the skill of not giving up if you spend your time with the ones who are masters of the attitude. Find mentors that have previously achieved success in their industries. Learn about their lives. You’d be shocked how often they’ve failed. When you spend time with resilient individuals, you pick up on their tendencies.

2. Build a mountain of self-confidence

Leaders with poor self-confidence and understanding of the business are likely to give up more frequently. Therefore, It’s critical to recognize who you are and why you started your venture as an entrepreneur:

Remember you are:

  • competent and talented enough to take on any challenge placed at you,
  • no less than the most qualified individual in the profession,
  • strong enough to never suffer the humiliation of failure (unless you have no other choice)

Self-assurance is a tonic that pulls you out of the abyss of self-pity. Drink plenty of it, and you’ll feel energized and ready to take on the world like never before.

3. Just Don’t Give Up

Just don’t give up. It’s as simple and complicated as that. Remove quitting from your vocabulary. Don’t make quitting an option.

Every time you fail in doing something, remember that only your actions forgot, but you are not a failure. Be objective, examine why it didn’t work, and find a way to improve it. As long as your heart beats, there is always a chance to try one more time.

4. Surround Yourself with People Who Value You and Your Startup

Take a notebook and write down the answers to the following questions:

  • “Who are the people I spend most of my time with?”
  • Do these people want to see me and my business succeed?”
  • “Do they affect by entrepreneurship venture positively?”
  •  “Do they encourage my zest and support my entrepreneur dream?”
  •  “Am I better off without them as an entrepreneur?”

It might take a lot of thought to arrive at the correct answers to the questions above. However, it’s essential to identify people who care about you rightly.

Your answers will shed some light on what kind of support you have around you. Do your answers reveal an inadequate support system? Maybe it’s time to search for a new group of friends. Or perhaps you should seek old family or friends who care about you.

5. Where Preparation Meets Opportunity

The entrepreneurial path is difficult, but the real kicker is that there are constantly new reasons to feel good and joyful. There is no shortage of chances in today’s world! Therefore, you should take advantage of any chance that brings you closer to your goal at any moment.

But what do you do when the opportunity comes knocking? It’s easy: all you have to do is seize the first chance crossing your path. An entrepreneur never waits for a favorable option to present itself; instead, they seize every opportunity.

You engage this tremendous positive energy to aid in co-creating your desires when you are sincerely passionate and excited about your idea. When things get rough, your passion and excitement motivate you to stick to your vision and go the additional mile.

Listen to Jenny and Jai Holla talk about their fight with the urge to give up and explain why for them, quitting is no longer an option:

We were about to give up…

Your zeal and passion drive you into a zone of confidence, courage, and victory. So simply hang on to your thoughts and begin preparing to arrive at your goal.

In Conclusion

When nothing seems to work, quitting can often seem like the easier escape when the road gets tough. You don’t have to worry about putting in the effort and perhaps failing if you just quit trying to make anything work and just let go of whatever it is you were struggling to construct.


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