Entrepreneurial Journey: 6 Things About Entrepreneurship No One Will Tell You


The path to establishing a successful business can be perilous, with unanticipated twists, hurdles, and dead ends. There are many restless nights, ideas that don’t work out, finance that doesn’t materialize, and clients who never show up. Starting a business may be so difficult that you may question why anyone would choose to embark on such a journey.

Significantly, in today’s microwave society, the urge to want things immediately foreshadows and forces zealous entrepreneurs to quit. But, those who dedicate their time to building relationships, marketing business, and growing client base, audience, and followers ultimately become the aspiring entrepreneurs the world looks up to. 

So, let’s dive into six things no one tells you about the entrepreneurial journey.

Talent Alone Is Not Enough

Let’s dispel one myth once and for all: skill alone isn’t enough to succeed in your entrepreneurship venture.

Being talented at something offers you an advantage over your competitors, but it is useless unless it’s put to good use. And putting it to work takes a lot of time and effort, from planning to everyday business chores. Your hard work may lead you further than others’ if you’re clever and skilled, but it still has to be done.

Challenges Must be Overcome

Running a firm has several hurdles, from developing a business strategy to budgeting and implementation. There will be setbacks and challenges to overcome, no matter how talented you are. This, too, will need a lot of effort.

No firm would survive more than a year if owners didn’t put in enough effort to keep their companies running despite their challenges. To succeed in business, you must make difficult decisions, cope with pressure, and deal with unanticipated problems – in other words, put in the effort to stay on course. 

Entrepreneurship Gives You the Control

Despite the fact that control is a ruse, becoming an entrepreneur gives you more power over the things that matter to you. For example, time, money, culture, or family history might all be factors.

Taking a concept and turning it into a reality is not simple. Especially one that provides employment, pays the bills and has a beneficial influence on the planet. The fact is that becoming an entrepreneur will put you to the test in ways you never imagined possible—but once you’re ready, go for it.

Delegation is the Key

Find the proper individuals for the job, put them in charge, maintain transparent and open communication channels, and stay out of their way.

Each of those items is critical. First, choose someone for a role not because they are your friends or because you know them, but because they are the ideal person for the job. After that, maintain an open communication channel with them and make it clear that they may communicate to you about anything. People don’t always realize this, so make them feel welcome as soon as they join the team.

Finally, be explicit about your objectives, teach them the ropes, and let them go. Avoid hovering, micromanaging, or attempting to control them. However, talk about how to improve their method by discussing tips and tactics.

Take Your Damn Advice

The entrepreneurship journey is one of the most independent and often lonesome journeys one can embark on. You are your own boss, have your separate set of goals, control your own progress, and run your own business.

Starting your business can be pretty daunting, and in the process, you might fall into the trap of forcing yourself to follow other successful entrepreneurs’ footpaths. But what if it doesn’t pan out for you?

Maybe it is time to look internally. As put by Jenny in her podcast, the Hollastic Life, there are times when you need to get advice from your intuition and the source that motivates you to keep going.

“Sometimes, we are stuck in our limiting belief pattern without knowing the way out.”

Learn and Grow

“There will always be something that pops up, and when you master one way to block it, the pessimistic self-doubts will find another route to reap in that you don’t expect. So, therefore, it is always learning and growing.”

The majority of individuals do not consider the career advancement of becoming an entrepreneur. Yet, you will gain new abilities, develop a thick layer of resilience, and live out proactivity whether you are a wild success story or a loser.

So remember William Burroughs’ famous quote: “If you stop developing, you start dying.”

No Shortcut for Entrepreneurs: In Conclusion

Entrepreneurship is, without a doubt, an arduous journey. Yes, there are millions of success stories of aspiring businesses breaking the chart, but there are also billions that fail.

Jay from the Hollastic Life podcast says entrepreneurship is always learning, growing, and evolving experiment. You’ll know and succeed, but you will also fail. However, at the end of the day, your hard work and dedication to growing the business matter. 

Despite many challenges, hundreds of entrepreneurs begin on this road each year, motivated to realize their vision and fill a gap in the market. They create physical stores, start tech companies, or provide a new product or service to the market.

Listen to Jai and Jenny take the rosy glasses off, and drop some real talk for you to digest surrounding the reality of an entrepreneurial journey. 

Entrepreneur Real Talk

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