How to Think Before You Speak: An Expert Guide

“Think Before You Speak,” a life skill important for all that teaches you to engage in meaningful conversation and build a stronger relationship.

In the Life as P… podcast, episode What I Know Is, Phoenix Ash, talks about why it is important to think before speaking and planning how you will use the knowledge you possess.

What I Know Is

Here, we are taking it a step further!

So, let’s take a deeper dive into understanding the importance of thinking before speaking and how you can develop this essential skill?

Why Is Thinking Before Speaking Important?

So, you have blurted out something unintentionally?

We frequently find ourselves caught in the middle of a dispute, and our instinct is to say anything to harm the other person’s ego. 

This is a normal human response. But how we respond to it makes all the difference. 

There is no going back after our words have done damaged. So, why not analyze your thoughts even before it take the form of hurtful words?

Here a few reasons why you should always think before you speak:

Your Words Show Who You Are

When talking to someone, you are not simply putting out information on the table. But, you are also revealing your true nature.

What you say shows who you are as a person. Your words determine your personality and character, that’s why it’s vital to watch what you say.

As stated by Phoenix, “Careful how you represent yourself.”

After all, you wouldn’t want the receiver to perceive you as cruel and harsh.

Avoid Potential Harm

By taking some time out to think before speaking, you will be able to evaluate your claims and viewpoints.

It will safeguard you from any further shame that an impulsive response may cause and any potential harm to others.

Instead of stating wrong, harsh, or pointless statements, you can develop a more mature and diplomatic answer to a problem.

How to Think Before You Speak?

When you take the time to think before you speak, you will develop meaningful relationships with others. Strong relationships begin with clear communication.

This extremely important skill can contribute to a healthy, happy life. Sadly, many of us are missing out on the benefits of a healthy relationship because we do not adhere to this simple philosophy.

So, how can you develop this essential life skill of thinking before you speak:

Filter Before You Speak

Once you learn the trick to spare some thought before you speak, you will find that a great deal of your troubles will disappear.

So, why not consider a basic process that will allow you to evaluate your thoughts before making a statement?

Expert Advice: Share what matters with people who matter.

Observe Your Thoughts Before You Act

Every matter does not require your opinion. However, don’t forget that you are privileged to share your opinion.

Therefore, you should also observe the situation before making an opinion. Ensure that all aspects are taken into consideration before finalizing your decision.

By doing so, you will be able to give an unbiased and fair opinion.

Describing the power of knowledge in the Life as P podcast, Phoenix says, “you have to figure out how you will use the information you need to get to the next level.”


Life is all about confronting problems. There are, however, two different approaches to every problem.

Trying to come up with temporary solutions or workarounds is one approach. Another is to find a permanent solution.

So, avoid avoiding a confrontation. As long as you keep procrastinating the face-off, the issue will only grow.

Speak Only When Important

Speaking out may benefit other people if you have some value-adding information to say that could be useful to the listener, so if that’s the case, go ahead and speak what’s on your mind. 

On the other hand, saying anything harmful might affect your connections with others, so it’s preferable to keep quiet if you’re thinking of saying something hurtful to someone.

Speak Less, Listen More

The urge to present our point often forces us to avoid the value of listening keenly.

Our minds function as barriers, preventing us from hearing what the other person has to say.

Don’t let this happen!

Be a patient listener since you never know when the other person might reveal some important and useful information.

Tune in for More

As mentioned before, thinking before speaking is an essential life skill. However, developing this skill takes time and practice.

Tune in to Life as P and listen to Phoenix sharing her experience of why it is important to think before you speak and how you can develop it moving forward?

What I Know Is


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