Podcast Consultation: Your SECRET to Skyrocketing Podcast Growth

The podcast industry continues to grow exponentially and is a powerful tool for increasing your sphere of influence, establishing relationships and converting listeners into potential customers. Surely we can all agree on that! However, with a growing number of podcasts, guests, and listeners on the market, you must ensure you are maximizing this killer strategy and skyrocketing your ROI. This is where our podcast consulting services come in handy!

What is a Podcast Consultation?

Using a podcast recording platform will simplify the podcast creation process for new podcasters, but as you become more professional, resources will become more important. More often than not, the upscaling sophistication of resources, software, tools, editing, and even platform algorithms, overwhelm the uprising podcasters, forcing them to step back.

Talking to a professional at this moment can help your podcast and even escalate your already soaring listenership and podcast engagement. To put it simply, you can focus all your energy on having great conversations when you hire a podcast consultant.

Think about what makes a podcast successful:

  • A strong content strategy
  • The right set of podcasting equipment’s
  • Audio, including intro/outro and background music
  • Finding good guests
  • Podcast promotion
  • Editing and polishing your recorded audio

A podcast consultation company offers services that significantly reduce podcasters’ resources and expenses. Their services include podcast hosting, podcast production, editing, promotion, and above all, they act as your podcast’s support system, liberating you from the hassle.

In a nutshell, podcast consultants empower people with no expertise to start podcasting successfully.

Why Podcast Consulting?

Many businesses or podcasters may already have skilled staff capable of researching, creating, editing, publishing, and marketing their podcasts. But, if you don’t have the right equipment, software on your computer, and podcasting experience, you may need some assistance in order to achieve your podcast marketing goals.

Podcasting is a marketing initiative, and effective podcasts can build credibility and trust, which makes listeners more likely to become customers. Taking this into account, the recordings must be edited to remove pesky sounds and awkward silences after they have been recorded.

A wide array of professionals included content writers, graphics designers, and strategists, are needed to create the most captivating podcast’s intro music and promote it. Trying to handle everything yourself in the initial stages when the listenership is not high can still be sustainable. But, in order to grow your podcast, you will need some extra pair of hands. And who better to take help from than professional podcasters?

By taking care of everything for you pre-show to post-show, from arranging guests to handling technical issues and promoting your podcast, podcast consulting companies save you time and money.

Choosing a podcast consultant company that can also promote your podcast and each episode is the cherry on the top and highly recommended if you want to grow your audience as quickly as possible.

Strategic Podcast Consultation

It’s no wonder that in today’s highly competitive environment, it’s hard to get noticed and stand out in the crowd, attract more leads, and convert more listeners with podcasting.

For this reason, SayWHA Radio sets up its own podcast consulting services in order to help you develop a battle-tested podcast strategy.

The sales won’t come rolling in just by recording a show or doing an interview. Putting in the work is necessary. By utilizing our podcast consulting service, you will be able to develop a coherent marketing strategy that will promote both your podcast and your business with 100% ROI.

Some examples of topics covered in a Strategy Session include:

  • Developing a show’s format and style
  • Choosing equipment that’s cost-effective
  • Choosing inexpensive and simple software that can be used by a wide range of users
  • Knowing how podcast hosting work
  • Tips on marketing, branding, artwork, and social media
  • Defining your avatar (ideal listener)
  • Best podcast practices
  • Social media marketing
  • Coming up with your Call-to-Action(s)
  • Tips and recommendations for show notes writers, podcast editors, and podcast VAs & managers

Who can benefit from strategic podcast consultation:

  • Podcasters looking for advice on getting started right the first time. Setup, hosting, equipment, and format recommendations.
  • Newbies who are thinking about setting up their own podcast but need a little guidance on how to get their podcast heard.
  • Experienced podcasters who may need someone to listen to their podcast objectively and offer suggestions on how to make it better.

Not Sure Yet?

Not sure if you really want podcast consultation? That’s okay – here are a few reasons you might consider seeking the help of a best-in-class podcast consultation service:

  • You’d rather work on revenue-generating projects.
  • You would rather devote yourself to what you love (coaching, practicing, helping clients, etc.).
  • Having someone else set up and coordinate this for you while focusing on what you do best makes more financial sense.
  • It takes time to figure out some of these elements are not worth it.
  • You are not fond of the technical aspects.
  • You do not have support staff or anyone on your team who can take this on.
  • You want to relax and be at ease knowing that everything will be covered for you.

If the answer to even one of the questions above is ‘Yes,’ then you should definitely consider using a podcast consultation service. SayWHA Radio Network has been helping ambitious podcasters like you take their podcast from scratch to the top in the ideal listener’s recommendation list.

We are the podcast consultation service you need! So, what are you waiting for?

There’s no point in wasting time. The podcast market is saturating with every passing day, make the wise decision, and get started NOW!

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