Podcasts Marketing 101: Making the Podcast to Fit Your Marketing Funnel

If you already have a content marketing strategy in place, you’re already familiar with some of its fundamental principles. By providing information and/or entertainment that your audience wants, your goal is to attract more readers, fans, and followers naturally.

You can approach this in many ways, utilizing different channels, mediums, and distribution methods, but most content marketers stick to the basics, mainly focusing on written content.

In all this haze, starting your own podcast can help you stand out from the competition, reach new audiences, and capitalize on a medium with massive momentum. But, how can you incorporate podcasting into your content marketing strategy?

Why Podcasts Marketing?

Do you enjoy watching ads? Obviously no!

Marketing is like the 30-seconds youtube add you impatiently wait to end, so you can finally watch the trailer of the most awaited series. Most marketing strategies are geared towards grabbing your consumer’s attention and attracting them to your business.

Capturing your targeted audience’s attention is not tough with a little investment. But converting this attention into action is where most marketing strategies fail.

But, what if there were a platform that doesn’t only allure the audience’s attention by enticing them into taking the next step, be it signing up for the email list, checking out the product page, or buying your product or service?

This is where podcasts come in!

Podcast: The Secret to Skyrocketing Customer Engagement

Podcasts are immensely valuable in the context of content marketing. It provides a wealth of opportunities for customer engagement.

Listening to your voice – the intonations, the off-the-cuff jokes, the laugh – people feel a sense of closeness to you. They feel as though they are getting to know you. This will make you less of an unknown face behind a flashy advertisement and more of a person they can trust.

By helping you develop a relationship with your customer base, podcasts can fill in the interest and desire-generating component of the marketing funnel. For example, when you watch a movie, have you ever thought you would get along well with one of the actors?

Although you’ve never met them personally, you have some sense of knowing them. And that’s already half the equation for podcast intimacy.

Who do you trust more? Is it better to work with a large company that spends tons of money on advertisements but feels a little impersonal, or one that invests time in getting to know you?

Top Five Benefits of Podcast as a Marketing Tool

Collaborative Potential

Podcasts are a great way to collaborate. You can benefit from listening to other podcasts, and other industry experts can benefit from your show. By cross-pollinating, you can spread your influence more effectively, as well as receive help creating new content.

Ease of Entry

Podcasts are also a valuable marketing tool due to their ease of entry and creation. But, make no mistake, you will still need to put some effort into the content, just as you would with any other type. However, with relatively inexpensive equipment, you can create an episode that sounds good without any special training.

Current Popularity

Over the past several years, podcasts have become increasingly popular. As a result, more than a million podcast has joined the race, with more than 30 million episodes between them.

Furthermore, as more people discover and get immersed in the medium, podcasts seem to be on a fast growth trajectory. Thus becoming a major marketing tool for brands.

Cross-medium Potential

Podcasts offer the option of simultaneously producing multiple forms of content. You could, for instance, record a video of an interview with an industry leader and then release the content as a video, as a podcast, and as a blog post (with a written transcript), capitalizing on the content in three ways.

New Audience Segments

Your work may not be discovered by some people who listen to podcasts unless you break them in with audio content. By increasing your reach, you’ll be able to reach new existing segments in new ways, growing your audience and customer base.

Podcast: A Strong Content Marketing Channel

With the above benefits in mind, podcasting should be considered a new content marketing channel when it comes to marketing. Every content marketing campaign has the same overarching objective. You want to provide people with relevant content. You could answer their questions (which is crucial when optimizing for search engines), or you could entertain them.

Consider ASAP Science as an example. Over 9.3 million subscribers have subscribed to the Youtube channel since it launched more than seven years ago. In addition to their video content, they started a podcast called Sidenote about two years ago. The podcast led the popularity and revenue of the channel to a new level.

The best way to harness the power of podcasting is to treat each channel as a complementary unit within a broader whole. Therefore, if you decide to start a podcast, you’ll need to take advantage of this, leveraging your existing channels to push your podcast and using your podcast to deliver listeners to other channels.

The Marketing School podcast, which has been running for four years, was launched this way by Neil Patel and Eric Siu in a similar way. As already established experts in online marketing, they leveraged their personal blogs and email lists to launch Marketing School, which currently has more than 1 million monthly downloads.

Podcast Marketing Funnel: How to Get Started?

Start by outlining a general plan for your podcast. At least have your first few weeks’ blueprints planned out to help guide your processes and discussions.

It is important to choose a name, a topic (probably related to your business area), and a format – will you be the only one speaking, or will there be others? Is it a question-and-answer format podcast or a discussion format?

Next, choose some solid recording hardware and software. Invest some time in research on good microphones and reliable recording tools. Make sure your software can also accommodate remote recording if you plan on talking to guests remotely. Additionally, be sure to consider how easy it will be to edit your recordings before uploading them.

Scriptwriting can help with style and clarity, but it’s more of a guide than anything to get too enmeshed in. The internet has plenty of resources to assist you, including tutorials on editing audio.

After your episode is finished, you’ll want to publish it on major podcast directories and share it on social media, your website, and via email!

Will Podcast Fit Your Marketing Funnel?

The answer is simple, content marketing performance metrics. For example, using your podcast analytics, you can know how many people clicked on your podcast, how long they listened to it, and if they continue to engage with your content and website.

This allows you to see when and how your content is being viewed. In addition, the stats will show you how many new visitors and repeat visitors your website has!

Offering discounts, two-for-ones, freebies, and loyalty programs can create a sense of urgency for your listeners to make a purchase. Make sure to add this info to your website in written form if you do this via podcast.

Whenever possible, make sure you include a written transcript of your podcasts for people with hearing loss (or anyone on a crowded train without headphones who wants to listen to your podcast).

Wrapping Up

Podcasting can be a great complementing asset to your existing content marketing efforts, and you can use it to generate revenue on its own if you handle it right. However, if you want to be successful, you will need a way to differentiate yourself from your numerous competitors, quality must be a top priority, and constant refinement using measurement and analysis.

Content marketing using podcasts is complex and nuanced, but it is easier than people think. So give it a try, and see if it works for your brand! 

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