Top 5 Resources to Create Engaging Podcast Audiogram for Marketing

Amongst the thousands of podcasts out there, getting your podcast discovered by your ideal listners is a tough task, especially for the new podcasters. One of the most effective solutions to this issue is promoting your podcast on social media.

But, audio, on its own, doesn’t translate well in today’s highly visual environment. Videos, on the other hand, are the stars of social media! Video content on Instagram generates more engagement than any other type of content. But it’s not just Instagram! Video-based tweets get 10 times more engagement than their non-video counterparts.

Hence, podcasters need a way to integrate podcasts into social media. Our recommendation: Audiograms!

Audiograms are one of the most powerful tools to skyrocket your user’s engagement and interest in your podcast.

So, what is an audiogram? Should you fabricate it in your podcast marketing strategy? And what are the best Audiogram tools to use?

Let’s dive in:

What is an Audiogram?

An audiogram is audio snippets from a podcast episode converted into animated waveforms and placed on top of an attractive visual representation. The final product is a short, sharable video that creators can use to promote their podcasts and grow their audiences on social media platforms and marketing copies.

As audiograms are growing in popularity amongst podcast marketers, many players are launching new applications and software to help podcasters create these clips themselves without any professional assistance.

Why Should You Use Audiograms?

Audiograms are a powerful tool for sharing snippets of your podcast episodes to your audience and luring them into tuning in to the show. As an audio content creator, you can use them for:

Better Engagement

Do you think a static image or audio-only post will engage your audience better than a video and a sound wave? We’d root for the latter!

It’s important to note that most of the videos on social media platforms don’t have audio. Therefore, it is not likely that you will be able to generate much engagement by just posting your podcast’s audio. Instead, put together an audio snippet with a picture/video, captions, and a waveform, and you’ll have a perfect audio nugget that will wow your audience.

Expanded Reach

With social media, you can extend your reach tremendously. A few of the most popular podcast waveform consumption destinations are YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. All these platforms have a large user base of social media users, and sharing audiograms here is a great way to leverage its diversified audience.

A Creative Edge

Audiograms are the perfect way to make podcast promotion even more fun for you. By adding your branding elements and some creative visuals, you can craft the most compelling waveforms. Great audio with some great images and captions – what is there not to like?

Scroll Stopper

When you have a lot of static images and videos crowding social media sites, audiograms offer a great way to stop scrolling. Furthermore, they encourage your readers to turn the volume up and listen to what you are saying.

Top 5 Resources to Create Awesome Audiograms


Audiogram App

Audiogram is a great choice for creating compelling, shareable waveforms, especially for podcasters. You can use this app to convert your podcasts episode into engaging social videos, coupled with some really great features.

You can turn your best episode moments into videos that educate, entertain, engage, and attract new listeners to your podcast using Audiogram.

The application allows you to automatically transcribe captions, making captioning a breeze. This transcription is accurate, fast, and easy to edit.

Furthermore, Audiogram offers a huge library of visually appealing, professionally designed templates, which will ensure that your audiograms stand out!


In Audioogram’s free plan, you can publish up to two videos per month free of charge, but these will have watermarks.

It is possible to remove this watermark from more videos by upgrading to the Pro ($19) or Elite ($29) plans.


Wavve App

WAvve is a desktop application that helps podcasters make “snackable” content for easy distribution through social media. Using this app, you will leverage simple audio content to create social videos to drive greater reach and engagement for your brand and content.

With Wavve, you can easily add subtitles to your audiograms that run along with your video (Did you Know: 85% of video on Facebook is watched without sound. Subtitling your audiograms will ensure that none of your content goes untouched!)

Video creation with Wave is super simple and aligns perfectly with the specifics of all platforms. So whether you need posts in squares, verticals, or horizontals, Wavve is your one-stop solution.

You can, of course, let your creativity run wild when it comes to creating a custom font and waveform.


Depending on how many audiograms you make in a month and how long your videos are, the app offers different pricing plans.

The company offers a free account that lets you upload two minutes of video per month, i.e., two minutes of trailers per week, although there is a Wavve watermark on your audiograms.

Wavve also offers a range of plans, starting at $10 per month for 10 minutes of video, and going up to $59.99 per month for unlimited video.


Headliner App

The Headliner app lets you create audiograms, add text animations, transcribe audio and video, and much more.

The service offers some fantastic-looking audiograms that you can upload to your social media platforms. For that, you just have to upload your podcast and create your video by choosing your favorite audiogram formats. They even offer the option of transcribing and adding subtitles to your video before downloading it.

In addition to allowing you to upload full-length videos (2 hours maximum) to YouTube, this app also looks like a general video editing tool.

Besides customizing your waveforms, you can add tons of fun animated effects!


You are allowed to create up to 5 un-watermarked videos per month (more than five videos will have a watermark) and to transcribe up to 10 minutes of content per month with the Forever Free plan.

It costs $7.99 per month for a basic paid plan, including features like custom watermarks and font customization. Alternatively, the Pro version ($19.99 per month) gives you unlimited access to videos and all the above.


Anchor is another excellent app that helps you add audiograms to your podcast and convert it into a video. It is an all-in-one podcasting platform for creating, distributing, hosting, and monetizing podcasts. It also provides you with detailed reports about how your podcast is doing. Furthermore, it helps you find the right sponsors and users.

Users can also contribute to your podcast. What could be the easier way to monetize? Nothing!


It’s completely Free!

The best part is that this app is free for everyone to use, and it can be accessed from both a desktop and a mobile device.


Descript is an integrated audio editing and transcription solution that lets you record, transcribe, mix, and edit in one workspace. Using Descript, you can create your podcast from beginning to end. Podcasts can be recorded or imported, edited, added fades, music, and sound effects, and then published online just from the platform.

Descript can also be used to create audiograms, which is why it is included on this list. The audiogram can be customized to match your brand, including the addition of a transcript.


The Pro version of the software will cost you $24 per month if you wish to customize everything and remove the watermark.

You can also use the Creator plan ($12/month) instead of the Free plan for more benefits and features.

Final Thoughts

Podcasts as a marketing tool is a simple technique that packs a powerful punch. By using audiograms, you can leverage the social reach of social media, reach new listeners and get them interested in your podcast content.

Users engage on social media platforms and interact with one another, which is lacking if you merely share your podcast episodes via podcast directories. Thus, to create a buzz around your show and to truly grow your audience, you need to do two things: offer awesome content and offer social engagement opportunities.

And all of the above audiograms creating software are excellent tools for engaging your followers on social media channels and grabbing their attention.

Take a look at these great resources, choose one that you like and fits your budget, and share your incredible audiograms with the world!

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