Wanna See You Win: Parting with Negativity and Embracing Positive People

Heading on a journey of improving upon yourself and actually following your dream through all the hardships is one of the most rewarding experiences in your lifetime. This awards all of us a chance to become better people.

However, considering most people don’t think they can change themselves, you shouldn’t be surprised if you encounter resistance when you finally dig to a point where you gain some momentum.

You may feel like your whole social circle turns on you once you start seeing results.

But, in reality, we often fixate too much on negative people and circumstances rather than focusing on the people who have been our biggest cheerleaders through all the tribulations.

In her podcast, Life as P, Phoenix Ash shares why emphasizing the people who want to see us win and no longer paying attention to those who want to see us fail is important. This article touches on some of the important points discussed in the episode.

So, let’s dive deeper into this crucial life lesson:

We are Hardwired to Negativity

Are you ever tempted to focus on your mistakes or an insult? Unfortunately, the impact of criticism is often greater than that of a compliment, and bad news frequently attracts more attention than good news.

Negative events are more likely to affect our brains than positive ones. Medically, it is known as the negativity bias, and it affects your behavior, decision-making, and even your relationships.

As humans, we tend to:

  • Memorize traumatic events better than positive ones.
  • Remember insults more than compliments.
  • Experience negative emotions more strongly.
  • Keep a negative mindset more often than a positive one.
  • Be more emotionally reactive to negative than to positive events.

“Due to your bias toward the negative, you are much more likely to pay attention to the negative things that happen, making them appear much more significant than they actually are.”

Negative People and Toxic Positivity

People often tell you to “just stay positive” or “look at the bright side” while facing hardships, such as losing your job. Such remarks, though, can be sympathetic but can also be a way of cutting off any feelings you may want to express about the situation.

Most people will tell you that “everything happens for a reason” after experiencing a loss. Unfortunately, while people make such statements to comfort you, they also avoid your pain.

While expressing sadness or disappointment, many fake-sympathizers can advise, “happiness is a choice.” Thus blaming you for being stuck in challenging situations.

Let’s face it. You can do a fantastic job by focusing on the people who want to see you win rather than focusing on negative people who constantly try to tear you down!

But, how do you deal with this social minefield? Are these friendships salvageable, and if not, how do you know when it’s time to let go?

How to Deal with Negative People?

So how can you stay positive when surrounded by negativity?

Keep your power to yourself. People with negative outlooks can make you feel pessimistic and cynical, dragging your mood down. As said by Psychotherapist Amy Morin:

“Allowing a negative person to dictate your emotions is giving them too much power,”

Therefore, take a moment to consider the relationships in your life and how they make you feel. If someone negative has invaded your life, it is imperative that you establish boundaries for your physical and emotional well-being and the other relationships you value.

Inform the negative person(s) in your life how their behavior makes you feel and that you need them to respect your feelings. They may not realize how their actions affect others. It’s best to let them know that if they cannot change their behavior, they will need to stop spending time with you because they negatively influence your life.

If you decide to limit your time with them, be consistent and firm and understand that negative person aren’t easily disposed of. They may become angry or act like a victim during this process and try to wear you down emotionally.

This is where shifting your focus from these negative energies to the positive people who have been standing with you in challenging times comes in handy.

Benefits of Having Positive People Around

Most positive people live by a simple mantra: appreciate good things in life and get rid of negativity.

By associating with positive-minded people, you’ll be able to create happy memories throughout your life. Not only can they improve your overall quality of life, but they can also change your perspective of the world.

Having positive people around us can bring a lot of benefits, including:

  • A positive person inspires you to be the best you can be, encourages you to achieve your goals, contributes to your personal growth, and helps you to live the life you have always imagined for yourself.
  • By spending time with positive people, you will feel more energetic and will be able to bounce back from all the negativity that you experience on a daily basis.
  • During despair, positive people can lift your spirits and encourage you to achieve success.
  • Positive people can help you develop self-awareness and provide you with opportunities to flourish by assisting you to live an authentic and inspiring life.
  • They are motivated and ambitious and can make you feel the best of yourself. They enjoy listening to conversations and contributing depth to them.
  • Positive people encourage you to strive for your dreams.

Wanna See You Win

There will always be people in your life who will come and go, such as friends, significant others, colleagues, and classmates. Some will stand in your way and celebrate your accomplishments, while others will try to pull you down.

However, identifying the right people and holding on to them is not easy, and nobody has all the answers to this chaotic landscape of human relationships. And this is something Phoenix tries to unravel through her podcast.

Tune in to the show, and become an admiring spectator of P tasting Freedom in her ever-engaging life podcast, “Life as P.”

Wanna See U Win

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