3 Excellent Reasons To Be Proud of What You are Building?

Taking pride in what you are building can signify different things to different people. For some, it’s the sense of accomplishment that comes after completing a task. Others see it as a dedication to maintaining professionalism, even if the results aren’t always ideal.

Pride might be based on quantifiable outcomes like production, efficiency, or profit. However, it might also come from less quantifiable sources, such as the service or assistance you provide.

Perhaps the contribution you make yourself gives you the most satisfaction. Or perhaps you’re only delighted when everyone has done their bit – because you need to be proud of your entire business.

But, this is crystal clear. Taking pride in your work and craft can empower you like nothing else. But, to Phoneix Ash from Life as P podcast, being proud of her skills has come the hard way.

In the episode Up With Building, she shares her journey to accepting and being proud of what she is building and why you should also embark on this magnificent venture of finding your true self-worth.

Up With The Building

Following the insightful episode, here is a simple breakdown of why you should be proud of what you are building:

Why Should You Be Proud of What You are Building?

Taking pride in your job, business, creativity, and everything else you are doing can have an immensely positive impact on both you and your work.

Phoenix loves to share her journey with her family and friends so everyone can be involved in the creation process. This empowers her to be more creative and get excited about what she is building.

In her podcast episode Up With The Building, she highlights the following advantages of being more proud of your experiences and contributions:

  • Sense of Purpose: Understanding why and how your professional successes matter will help you stay motivated on the job every day. People aware of their actions can be more motivated to operate efficiently and successfully.
  • Better moods: If you’re happy with your work, you’ll have more pleasant feelings and thoughts. Taking pleasure in your profession may make you feel better at work and outside.
  • Increased productivity: Feeling good about your job might help you get more done at work. The number of things you do in a day may rise if you are proud of your job. It can also help you enhance the quality of your services, your performance, or your relationships with your coworkers.
  • Self-respect: Taking pride in your job might help you feel better. People who are proud of their job are more likely to believe in their talents to add value to others.

3 Reasons to be Proud of What You Are Building

Know Why Your Work Matters

Understanding the significance of your efforts at work can help you become more motivated and proud of your work. Consider how your job affects the following:

  • Members of your group
  • Your company’s other teams or departments
  • Contractors or vendors
  • Your boss’s name
  • Managers or leaders of a company
  • Clients

External influences may also impact how proud you are of your job. To support your family, you may, for example, work hard every day at your job.

Build a Reputation of Good Work

Ownership generates positive energy and demonstrates optimism. Therefore, be the best version of yourself: attentive, enthusiastic, eager, and knowledgable. Demonstrate a want to learn and a desire to develop. Share your ideas and interact with your clients, stakeholders, and management if you believe they can make a difference.

Make a name for yourself by giving your best in your craft. Indeed, people enthusiastic about quality and improvement (both personally and professionally) bring that enthusiasm to every table.

Become a Positive Force

Being mindful of your surroundings displays a strong feeling of positivity at work. Therefore, embrace your craft, creativity, and long-term goals. Take delight in being a reasonable force at work; your environment is what you make it. Engage with optimistic people and create a good atmosphere around you and at work.

Keep in mind what you’ve accomplished and what the future holds. Take satisfaction in what you’ve accomplished together. On the other hand, avoid bad influences, persons, and ex-employees unethical behavior. If you tend to be pessimistic, you’re in the wrong place and should find something else to do.

Adopt the Right Mindset

To get in the correct mindset, start your day with positive affirmations. For example, rather than dreading the day, tell yourself that you’re lucky to have a job and the opportunity to go to work, even if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing.

Remember that your current circumstance does not have to be permanent if you are unhappy. Commit to performing an excellent job in the place where you are now. As a Phoneix says, “I have to be proud of it, and I have to be confident and if you tear me down anyway, I have to be able to not agree with you.”

Choosing to be an active rather than a reluctant participant in your profession may make a tremendous difference in your outlook and productivity, which can help you feel more pleased with your work.

Know Your Worth

Being proud of your creativity and gifts is a long and difficult road. But, you are not alone on this path. 

Tune in and listen to how Phoniex Ash learned to be proud of what she is building and how it has helped her be confident, happy, and proud of her craft:

Up With The Building

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