7D Ahai Energy Healing with Hayley Ladds

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Jeni Holla

Today we will have a conversation with the nurturing space holder and guide, Hayley Ladds. Hayley’s expertise lies in harnessing the Ahai 7D, a potent 7th-dimensional frequency of miracles, to facilitate healing journeys and nurture authentic self-expression. Her compassionate and empathetic demeanor creates a safe and open space, whether online or in person, for individuals to embark on their healing journey, release trauma, and raise their vibrational frequency. Join us as Hayley shares her profound experience with the Ahai 7D, sharing the essence of this transformative energy. We explore the healing potential of connecting with energy, gain the confidence to pursue our dreams, and learn the importance of self-empowerment and living in alignment with our authentic selves.

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