An Expert Guide to Podcast Collaboration

Podcasts thrive on interactions. The more you interact with your listners, the more your podcast grows. But, if you really want to skyrocket your podcast growth, you need to put a little more effort into just connecting with your audience.

One of the fastest ways to grow your podcast audience is by bringing influential guests onto your podcast and being a guest on your favorite podcasts. But how can you actually do that?

This article explains our top secrets to winning podcast collaboration that resonates with your brand voice and increases engagement. So stick with us until the end because we’ll be sharing our top SECRETE to help you win the BEST podcast collaborations.

The Dream Podcast Collaboration List

Who are your favorite podcasters, influencer, or niche expert you want to collaborate with? This list can have everyone from podcasters at a similar level to all the way up to a-list celebrities of your genre.

Your first step should be finding interesting people to collaborate with. To have an insightful conversation and to collaborate successfully, you need to connect with the right people.

To help you get started in collaborating with other creators, here is a checklist. However, before adding a name to your dream collaboration list, ask yourself these questions:

  • What do you hope to accomplish through this collaboration? For example, increasing traffic to your website.
  • Is there any relation between your core content and the creators? E.g., if your podcast is related to mental fitness, that connects well with topics such as Chakras.
  • Do the creator and listener share the same demographic? Is it possible to collaborate so that both parties will benefit? If, for example, your audience is active subscribers to the creator’s online courses
  • In what ways do you think this collaboration can benefit the other creator
  • Can you leverage your assets and values to benefit the other creator?
  • Are there any advantages that the other brings to the table that could make this collaboration more successful?

Collaboration with famous creators isn’t necessary. Instead, connecting with the right people that are collaborative in spirit and eager to share their insights and knowledge is important. It is all about bringing value to your podcast.

Crown Chakra with Emily Rivera

Best Podcast Collaborations Ideas

There are always creators and influencers out there you can collaborate with, no matter how specific niche your podcast is.

It’s important to find the best way to approach your fellow podcasters and demonstrate that you can accomplish more when you work together. Below are the top 3 podcast collaboration ideas for your next Collab episode:

Cross Promotion

Many of us have listened to podcasts in which the hosts say something such as, “If you enjoy our podcast, you will definitely enjoy X podcast.” One of the easiest ways to embark on collaboration is to ‘shout out’ to another podcaster, influencer, or niche expert in your episodes.

One of the most straightforward ways to collaborate with another podcast is to ‘shout out’ one another. It simply requires reaching out to other shows and offering to swap promos. Once that is done, you need to write the copy or have your collaborators write it in their style. Some podcasts may even share the entire episode of another podcast in their feeds!

Clearly define how many promotions each collaborator will receive and how soon it will begin before you begin the actual promo swap. Having your podcast reviewed by a fellow podcaster is a powerful thing, and you will soon be able to pour in thousands of new listeners.

Be a Guest

Becoming a guest on another podcast is one of the best ways to gain new listeners. Getting creative isn’t limited to podcasts related to your field. The audience can tell when podcasters are excited about their guests, making them more likely to check out the guest’s work.

Having another podcast as a fan is the best endorsement of a podcast! By participating in a podcast, you have the opportunity to speak directly with a whole new audience and help spread the word yourself. Plus, you’ll be able to talk about your work in a new setting and break away from the standard format of your podcast.

Collaborate With Experts and Influencers

Although we often joke that everyone has a podcast, in reality, not everyone does. It’s impossible to count the number of influencers, experts, and celebrities who would love to be featured or a guest on your show but have no interest in podcasting.

Even though you could invite them as guests on your podcast, taking that partnership to the next level is a great idea. Publish a blog post, provide a quote for an article, or get them to share your content on social media. Work to make this collaboration last by finding ways for you both to benefit. And who knows, it may even inspire them to start their own podcast!

Networking With Potential Collaborations

After identifying your requirements and the individuals with whom you would like to collaborate, the next step would be to connect with them and exchange ideas. Of course, the most convenient way to approach them would depend on their accessibility.

Following are the most practical ways to network and connect with these creators with potential collaboration opportunities:

Social Media

Using social media platforms is a great option if you want to spark a more casual conversation. However, it is important to note that if individuals have a good social media presence, they seldom check their DMs as they are usually filled with fans.

In such cases, having a verified account on social media will increase your chances of the creator replying to your DM. However, since most business conversations are conducted via email, we recommend sticking with email if you do not have a verified account.


Finding your ideal creator’s email address is not tough. From their website or social media handle, you can easily get their email ID and contact them. Emails are never out of fashion, as we check our inbox every once in a while.

Please write a brief introduction explaining who you are, why you want to connect, and how your podcast can help them. This will set a good tone for future discussions.


LinkedIn is a professional network that allows users to connect with others. Creating professional relationships here will help you create a positive impression. But, before pitching, make sure to introduce yourself and your reason for connecting while sending a connection request.

Seminar & Meet-Ups

Consider attending seminars and meet-ups where you will have the chance to meet individuals in similar fields. A networking event like this is a great way to broaden your network and meet people who bring your brand great value.

The Art of Pitching

No matter where you decide to connect with your potential creators. The more important thing is to present your idea and intent to a potential guest in a way that they can’t deny.

Introduction and a brief mention of some of the work that resonated with you can be the starting point. Then, let them know how you are interested in working with them and what exactly you would like to discuss on the show.

Explain to them what your goal is through this collaboration and who your audience is. Always try to get them to schedule a call for a more detailed discussion. This can help you really persuade them into collaborating with you.

You can prepare an outline of this collaboration once you have scheduled a call and discussed all details. Then, during the call, you can discuss what topics you want to cover with each other and see what works best. It will be a win-win for everyone!

Best Podcast Collaboration SECRET: Now Disclosed

Collaborations are one of the best ways to grow your podcast. So as long as you collaborate with the right people, it will help you reach a wide and diverse audience.

But pulling off podcast collaboration, let alone finding the creators that resonate with your show, is not everyone’s cup of tea. We get it!

That’s why we are HERE!!

SayWHA Radio Network has guided some of the most successful podcasts to find their ideal creators and collaboration in no time. But, why should you take our word? Don’t. See it for yourself.

Schedule a call with our podcasting experts today, and unravel the true potential of your podcast!



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