How to Build a Strong Podcast Brand in 2022

Do you have a strong podcast brand? We are familiar with the concept of brands in service and products. For example, when we think of sports shoes, Nike, Adidas, and Puma are some of the names that instantly pop into our minds. The quality, message, feature, logo, and others form the solid identity of a brand which differs it from its competitors in the market.

So, what is, does brand infer when it comes to podcasts?

Every podcaster dreams to have a huge loyal audience committed to the shows and thousands of downloads on their every episode. But, most of the podcasters don’t see their podcast as a product or service, when in reality, they are doing just that. It’s hard for most of the services and products to compete in providing nearly as much value as a quality podcast which is delivering value content that informs, educates, and entertains their listners.

Therefore, first, you have to understand that podcast is a crucial part of your brand, and this brand is defined by the entire perception of your show. So, it is important that you refine, define, and strengthen your podcast brand. And while dwelling into the detail, you will discover that your podcast brand is much more than just your podcast.

In this article, we are sharing three key strategies to build strong podcast brands that imprint your brand identity into your customer’s heart and make you a trustworthy player in your niche.

Determine Your Podcast Mission

Before you ever record your first episode, your brand-building strategy is already well underway. It begins when you’re dreaming up your concept, researching your topic thoroughly, and deciding upon your niche. In summary, know you’re why. It will not be hard for you to determine what your podcast is supposed to accomplish if you understand why you are starting it and are deeply connected to that why. This will determine the core values of your podcast.

As you plan out your podcast, your podcast mission will act as a guide to make decisions about your show, much like your Google Maps app that shows you how to get to your final destination. When you create a mission statement, be sure to include both the value you will provide your audience and how you intend to add that value, as this understanding will enable you to establish those vital connections with your audience every time you create content.

Defining Your Podcast Vision

When you have established your podcast mission, you can move on to establishing your podcast vision. How do you envision your podcast and, by extension, your podcast audience when you dream about them? How will your podcast meet the demands of your audience?

Determining your podcast’s vision will allow you to carry out your mission more effectively. If you keep your podcast vision in mind, you will be able to fulfill your podcast mission. With every podcast episode you create, every topic you discuss, or each guest on the show, you’ll be taking another step toward your goal. In addition, every step you take to achieve that vision will strengthen your podcast brand.

Get Visual

Your podcast brand is more than just the quality of your audio, sophisticated equipment, and software. It is more than just ordinary audio content. Visual of any podcast is an equally important component to establishing a strong podcast brand.

So, how can you incorporate your podcast’s core value into visual storytelling? First, think of your own purchasing decision. If you look closely into the branding strategies of top brands, you will see a pattern or color used over and over again in every post and advertisement. 

Color is a very valuable tool that most podcasters fail to understand and hence never incorporate its strength into their brand. At a subconscious level, this color psychology abides a specific color to a specific brand or product. Certain colors, like musical chords, convey universal ideas. As a brand, you can pack in your story and your core values into the colors you use in your entire content.

So, before choosing a color for your podcast brand, set aside some time and submerge yourself into color research to find out which color resonates with your brand value and vision the most.

You will be astounded to see what a big difference strong, colorful graphics, shapes, and text complement your podcast can make to your listners. Especially when they see these specific shapes and colors over time, your podcast brand will be imprinted into their mind.

Now, check out our website, podcasts, episodes, services, and you will be able to see one specific color encrypted everywhere. Found it yet?

Whether you are settled on your brand color or not. It is important that a substantial part of your content creations are on visuals. These might include:

  • Compelling visual graphic
  • Posting brand-related videos to multiple platforms
  • Pictures 
  • Behind the scene

Yes, at first, you might find it all a bit overwhelming but try to implement these methods and create a powerful content strategy routine. You will eventually get habitual to it.

Create and Establish Your Brand Voice

Creating your podcast brand personality requires establishing your podcast brand voice. Every podcast hosts have their own unique style, so let yourself be creative and unique! Your show should reflect your brand voice, so personalize everything you do.

Ensure that you incorporate this voice and personality into all aspects of your podcast, including your website, the products you produce, and even the spirit you promote among the podcast community. Use your voice and personality throughout your podcast. Use language that only your listeners will understand and that is unique to your show! Be sure that the language you use in your podcast is consistent and obvious.

Consider creating a tagline for your podcast! Overall, you want to strike a balance between being creative and being unique. You are the only one who can make a podcast, so don’t try to copy other podcasters. You should be memorable, exciting, and full of fresh ideas. You should be able to help others by using your unique perspective and uttering your brand’s voice and personality clearly.

Word of Mouth

This might be a little intimidating. However, stepping out and promoting your podcast to the public requires a strong, supportive podcast community. Despite hundreds of advertisements and posts we see online, word of mouth is still the number one contender that makes your podcast brand truly stand out.

Building a Thriving Podcast Community Online: The Expert Tips

Just think about how many times you watch a Netflix show upon someone’s recommendation. Despite the show being on the top 10 list for weeks, the chances of you tuning in spikes exponentially when one of your friends asks you to watch Squid Games. 

The same is true with podcasts. If you can manage a significant number of your listners talking about your show, your podcast growth will skyrocket. 

Here are a few tricks that can help you foster your podcast community building and be apt at the word of mouth marketing:

  • Be a guest on other podcasts or other content streams: This way, you can get people talking about you and your show along with sharing your content with their family and friends. But, make sure you choose a podcast or audience that will love to hear your interview.
  • Seek interviews in online or local publications: Published interviews will put your podcast brand in front of a wider audience escalating your popularity.
  • Submit Articles: In return for a podcast shout-out or backlink, you can publish compelling articles in your areas of expertise on a popular website.
  • Attend niche-relevant Events: These events are a great opportunity to build relevant connections with niche experts and put your podcast brand in front of like-minded people.
  • Spark Conversations: Listners love interacting with their favorite podcasters. They are always ecstatic to discuss your latest or upcoming episode. So, why don’t you give them a platform? Publish conversation sparking posts and gets people talking about your podcast.

It’s Not ALWAYS Easy!

Building a strong podcast brand is crucial for long-term success as a podcaster. But, as a podcast network running for over a decade we know, it is not always easy, especially when you are just starting. 

Brand building is more technical than many might anticipate. As a beginner, a number of your strategies will fail before you find the one that truly helps you imprint your brand in your targeted listener’s mind. But this hit-and-try technique, though effective, can take months if not years to produce desirable outcomes.

Let us help you cut out this depressing time and shoot your podcast brand to the top in your niche from the very beginning. Having supported some of the most successful podcasts to skyrocket their brand reputation, SayWHA Radio is now at your disposal!

Want to crank up the volume nob and boost the growth of your podcast brand? Schedule a call with the real podcasting experts today, and see your podcast brand grow exponentially!



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