How to Write Spectacular Podcast Description (With Real Examples)

Amongst hundreds if not thousands of options available online, who should a podcast listener tune in for your podcast episode?

The fact is, while surfing for a podcast to listen to, listners do not go through every option before choosing the one to play. Apart from reviews, marketing, and word of mouth, how can you stack conditions in your favor to pursue them to choosing your show?

A Good Podcast Description!

Yes! A good podcast description goes a long way in enticing your audience to tune in. Writing your episode description is like writing a blurb for any book which gives the readers a slight insight into the content along with persuading them to read the book. The same is true for podcasts!

In this article, we will be unraveling the secret tips to write a podcast description that turns scrollers into listners? But, first…

What is Podcast Description?

Podcast description, also known as podcast summary is of two types:

  • Show description
  • Episode description

They are a brief elucidation that describes your show or episode. Think of it as a synopsis on the back of a book. Second, to the title, podcast description is the most powerful tool that convinces listers to tune in.

Many podcasters often undermine the importance of a compelling podcast description. A Podcast Host’s 2020 Podcast Discovery Survey of 780 podcast enthusiasts on front-facing aspects of podcasts, highlights the importance of podcast description.

the importance of a podcast description
Source: ThePodcastHost

Major high-end podcast directories publish your description along with the podcast. Furthermore, it is also an integral part of your RSS feed.

Don’t Undermine the Hidden Potential!

Episode descriptions are the last chance you have to entice a listener to give your podcast a chance. Often, it’s the last obstacle between you and a new listener.

If listeners stumble across your podcast for the first time, they don’t yet have any attachment to you. It’s up to you to convince them why they should listen. And that is just what a great podcast description will do. An incomplete description, on the other hand, suggests that you haven’t given your show much thought, and people may be less inclined to take a chance.

Podcasting is such a competitive industry these days that little things matter a great deal. It’s therefore important to showcase your new episodes in the best possible light!

So, ready to craft the best podcast description? Let’s start!

Podcast Description: Best Tips and Tricks

Episode Summary

Spend a few sentences describing the episode, including the topics you cover, in a concise and clear manner. Having your episode’s zest listed in the summary will let people know right away whether it is what they’re looking for. A description that doesn’t explain what to expect could make potential listeners less inclined to press play. So, be sure to keep your episode/show description to the point.

Explain Yourself

You should summarize your podcast in order to answer the question: “Why am I listening to this person?”. Focus on specific details that make you stand out. The simplest way to do this is to use short phrases that express your point of view or experience.

You should use phrases such as “respected industry expert” or “three decades of experience in the entertainment business” in order to show listeners why they can trust your content. Depending on the niche of your podcast, if required, you should also briefly describe your formal education.

Expert Tip: Getting started in your field without being an expert isn’t a problem! You can also establish your credibility as a podcast host by being relatable. Describe how your show is about sharing your journey and learning something new! When you can relate to the person you’re talking to, your listeners will keep tuning in to your show to follow your journey and compare it to their own.

Introduce Your Guest

This one specifically applies to episode descriptions.

It is imperative you include the names, backgrounds, and credentials of guests on your podcast. The audience will gain a better understanding of why your guest is an excellent speaker on those topics, and give them better reasons to press play.

Feel free to include relevant links as well. At the bottom of your podcast description, let your listeners know if your guest has a website, social media profiles, or even their own podcast. After all, your guest has given up their time to be on your show. In return, you need to point people in their direction to reciprocate the favor.

Along with helping your targeted audience find the best for their taste, including the vitals of your guest will also boost their reputation, helping you fetch more high-end guests for future episodes.

Example: ‘Emily is an internationally known Evolutionary and Spiritual mentor, speaker, consultant, counselor who lectures on the power of eternal consciousness as well as our personal friend and coach.’

Crown Chakra with Emily Rivera

Question Your Answers

Would you like your audience to know from the moment they read your podcast description that it is for them? How about a question to begin?

This is where your audience will be able to decide if the episode resonates with their interest or requirement. That way, if someone scrolls through and that’s their goal, they’ll know right away tune into the that we’re your show.

You may want to elaborate more on what they can expect in your episode when they listen after you ask your question.

Example: ‘What is the difference between seniors who struggle financially and those who thrive during their golden years?’

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Call To Actions

Closing off your podcast description with a solid call to action is the best way to end anything, be it an episode or a summary. However, unlike the CTAs at the end of the episode, an appeal to subscribe, review, rate, or support your show entailed in a podcast summary provides a concrete ground for your audience to take the next step.

Nonetheless, be sure not to bombard your description with too many instructions or demands. Asking for one or two things never hurts though. Whether you are trying to increase your ranking or collect financial support to run the podcasts, a well-crafted Call to Actions in the podcast description could go a long way!

The Ideal Lenght of the Podcast Summary

Podcasting apps usually limit the number of characters in podcast descriptions. The number of characters in a great podcast description is usually much larger than the amount of text you will need. Keeping your show summary under a couple of sentences is industry best practice, but there is no right or wrong answer.

In your podcast summary, describe the theme of your show to potential listeners. You don’t need to go into every little detail. When you write the description for your podcast, you have only a few seconds to draw listeners in. Be succinct, witty, and short.

Focus on Your Writing Tone

In the absence of a visual or audio tool, you need to put as much of your personality into your copy as possible.

There are some copywriting skills required, but the most important thing is not to overthink.

Often, people feel they need to be extremely formal in their writing, which makes it difficult for them to get tone into it. Some even try to sound like other people.

Writing your podcast description in your own words is the best way to convey as much of your own personality as possible.

Does your show have a cheeky or irreverent tone? Then be cheeky and irreverent in the podcast description. Is your show funny? Then be funny!

You might try to convince someone that your content is going to be entertaining, but if your copy isn’t very entertaining they probably won’t believe you.


There! We have provided you with all our best advice on how to write a compelling podcast description. At first, this might seem challenging. Once you’ve mastered it, writing great podcast descriptions will come naturally.

Happy podcasting!

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