We all go through periods of self-doubt, anxiety, and uncertainty. This is a natural part of life. It is how we respond to these times in our lives that can propel us forward or hinder our growth. So, how can we change the way we respond? In this episode, the Holla’s will be sharing how to find the power to choose to respond to life’s challenges in a way that allows space for growth and freedom.

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Jenny: Welcome to another episode of The Hollastic Life podcast, I am Jenny,
Jai: I am Jai.
Jenny: And we are so excited you’re here, and one of the things I would love to celebrate right now, is all of the clarity and understanding and flow that we are experiencing both in our life and business right now. It is absolutely amazing. And if you’ve been with us from the beginning of the podcast, you have experienced so many different styles and ways that we’ve showed up on this podcast. Like we’ve just chatted, we’ve taught, we’ve motivated, we’ve inspired and I’m sure we’ve had some major flops too. I’m just saying we’ve had it all. And what I think is the coolest thing about life, even though for me, it can be one of the most fucking frustrating things ever is for me. This is my experience, you know, when you create something new and you have this idea and you know, you write the intention, like for this podcast, you, you write the intention for the podcast and you’re like, all right, this is what we’re doing. And this is, this is actually, you know what, I’m gonna pull up the writing for the podcast, like the write up, because I just saw this the other day. And this will tie in. All right shows. Here we go. So when we first wrote the write up for this, this is what two years ago we wrote like the intention for the show, right. The Hollastic Life Show is a blended comedy, holistic living, lifestyle, adventure, and most of all banter between your two. J and J we wanna be able to show and share different aspects of ourselves, our lives, what works and what doesn’t. The aim is to deliver an authentic and entertaining show that will help you create and redefine your own lifestyle as a source of inspiration and fun. So I share that because over these past couple years, I’ve had many, many moments of self doubt and wondering if the podcast was good enough and if the content was good enough and how can we be more focused and how can we bring things more together. And honestly, all of that shit stresses me the fuck out, and I’m getting sick and tired of that. And I just read this like yesterday. And I was like, oh my God, that’s exactly what the show is. That’s exactly how it fits in to our business and our lifestyle and everything that we’re doing. It fits in like, The podcast, we are going to teach things and train things sometimes, but also it’s just not the focus of this podcast. And I think for me, I felt like I had to be and show up in this space, like a professional speaker or someone who’s constantly training and teaching. And for us, our style of teaching, especially as it relate this podcast in your life is through these conversations. Is us having these moments like today that inspires us to record this podcast episode and what we’re going to talk about. It’s through this and through these stories and through our authenticness and through our banter and through all this stuff that you realize that you’re not alone, you get to hear other people’s struggles in what’s going on, and then even walk away with. An idea, aha. Something that you can implement into your own life based on what’s going on. So I feel like this actually sets us up and I, this is what’s so cool about life right now. It sets us up and I didn’t even like do this on purpose. This sets us up for what we were gonna talk about today.
Jai: It’s interesting, cause you were like, well maybe we should change the podcast, whatever I’m like, nah, chill, everything will work out. But like everything will work out, but such and such, no we’re not such and such. Let’s stay in our lane and do us and everything will work out.
Jenny: Man, oh my God. I’m so like, this story fits so perfectly. Now what we’re talking about today, do you wanna start off by reading the quote?
Jai: You can read it. Okay.
Jenny: So Jai we were just talking before we, we started recording this about a quote from Victor Frankel, the Jai came across yesterday, right. And personally I’ve been going through a lot of things, especially as it relates to eating and transforming and spiritual and mindset. There’s so much right. As you’ve heard another episode. So the quote is between stimulus and response, there is a space in that space is our power to choose our response in our response lies our growth and our freedom. I’m gonna repeat that because it’s likely you’re walking, driving, whatever, and you’re not necessarily gonna re rewind. Between stimulus and response, there is a space, in that space is our power to choose our response in our response lies our growth and our freedom. Wow. I mean, it’s so powerful. The story I just told. Stimulus. We’re not good enough, we’re not there yet, we’re not whatever, like these, these self doubt things that come up along the way or the fear or the unknown or whatever the bullshit is right? And I say bullshit because it is bullshit, but sometimes we get caught up in that tornado. And there’s stimulus. And then the response, my response of beating myself up or trying to change things or trying to fit a different mold. And even though what we talk about on this podcast and in our business and in our community is about breaking out the mold and shattering these old limiting beliefs and, you know, shedding the layers. The thing is, is we’re human. These things are still here, and sometimes we dont recognize them. Right. We don’t realize that we’re in it. We don’t realize that we’re in this programming or we don’t realize that we’re in this belief or this conditioned response or this disempowering reaction to things, or maybe we do realize it, but we haven’t figured out how to create that growth and freedom like this quote says. And so it’s like over the past two years, I’ve created so much stress, so much anxiety, so much frustration, so much, right? Like all those things, self doubt, limiting beliefs, all that crap because of the response I was choosing to have. And as Victor Frankel says in our response lies our growth and our freedom, my mind just exploded with so much growth and I feel so much free. My big lesson right now is learning to trust and to be in the flow and to let life unfold and to release control of what I feel like I have control of in my life, because really the control is choosing your response.
Jai: Yep.
Jenny: But here I’ve been trying to control the way things unfold and like, as I’ve been letting go, I feel so much freer. It’s fucking awesome. It’s like, it’s interesting, cuz it’s like what I’ve wanted so bad.
Jai: Wow.
Jenny: But in trying to fucking get there, I continue to keep myself in that struggle.
Jai: In, in trying to control how you get there.
Jenny: Yeah. And how it shows up
Jai: and, and the way you get there kept you stuck.
Jenny: Mm. I mean, mic drop is, is a podcast over. I mean, that that’s, it’s just, it’s interesting. Cuz when you’re in it, we don’t realize how much we perpetuate our suffering. And I mean, that’s suffering, you know, it’s like we’re like assigning meaning, and we’re thinking about things and we’re mulling over this and that, and how could have gone this way and how could I show up and whatever, like all these thoughts and this shit and this meaning and all these responses that are happening, that we’re assigning, that we’re clinging onto as part of our identity, like all the things. All the things just perpetuates.
Jai: I even think, think back to where and it’s, I don’t know, you, you’re gonna have to say the word, whatever it was for you, but you know, it was like, I’m gonna say it’s not good enough, not good enough. Are we really able to charge X, Y, and Z, who were we or whatever. And we have clients who say, oh my God, you’re fucking awesome. Oh my God, the stuff I learned from you two years ago, I still practice today. Oh my God. I think about you when, right. And it’s like, where the fuck is this, this, this self doubt coming from this lack of confidence when in, but once again, it’s like it’s not showing up in the way I feel it should show up. And it’s like, just do the things. And we try to do when, when, when, when people say do the things, a lot of people feel it’s like, oh, well I need to do X, Y, and Z. I need to do X, Y, and Z. I do to do X, Y, and Z. Like everything we do is energy based. I say that is if you are struggling or you’re anxious or you’re overwhelmed to do something, it’s gonna show up. Yes, you might reap some benefits. You might be successful in pushing through or whatever, but you’re going to suffer somewhere else. But like sometimes, and if, if you’re open to like sharing the, the anxiety of overwhelm of not working on the weekend and then feeling like you. I’m putting words in your mouth. So excuse me, bust your ass. And it’s like, you are, you’re kind of swimming against the current instead of just like, oh, it is what it is. Hey, let me do this. Hey look. Oh, wow. This happened. Holy shit. We went from one or two things happening in the calendar tool, full calendar this week, a full schedule this week.
Jenny: But like a full schedule of fun. Everything that we have on the calendar this week, like I’m excited for it. Nothing feels, Ugh. because I felt like I had to put it there. Okay. So you said, you know, if I wanna speak into that, you know, I’m, I’m gonna back up. I’m gonna back up just a little bit, because I feel like what happens a lot of times is we have this identity that we’ve. You know, um, it’s like the beliefs, the thoughts, the actions, the behaviors, the values, like all these things, all these things build into our identity and who we are, who we think we are in this moment. And maybe even who society or family thinks we should be sometimes. Right. All that goes in. And we may say that we want something else and we may really want that something else. So, I’m trying to, I’m trying to unwind this in the clearest way possible that I can in the moment, right. So I left corporate America what, two years ago?
Jenny: Maybe two and a half, three.
Jai: I think it’s closer to three, but go ahead.
Jenny: End of 2019. Yeah, it’s coming up on three. Wow. Okay. Yeah. I left corporate America three years ago and I’m still unwinding programs, beliefs, behaviors, actions, expectations. I’m still unwinding these things from corporate, from culture, from the way I was born, all of that stuff. And.
Jai: The way you were brought up.
Jenny: Thank you because we’re born a clean slate. thank you. One of, one of the most powerful things, for all of us to remember. And this was said by one of our mentors, a from mind valley ever coach Ajit Nawalkha, I think I said it right. You spent X amount of years in this behavior thought process, whatever it is. So let’s say you’ve operated from this current identity. I set of beliefs for, let’s say I’m 38, 38 years essentially. And a lot of people. Myself included expect to change overnight. And while things can happen in an instant, because anything and everything is possible also know and understand and give yourself the grace and the space to allow this to unfold. Like to allow you to unwind and detach and unhook and reprogram a new set of behaviors, identity, et cetera. So I’ve been saying for the longest time that I wanna, you know, Live a life and flow and work whenever I need, want to. And like all these things, right? These set of things. I’ve, I’ve been saying this stuff and I’ve been practicing along the way, but sometimes we’re not quite there yet. Because I believe that what happens is along the way, things come up that test our faith in ourselves, that test our beliefs that allow us to learn and shed. So coming off this weekend, I played volleyball both days. We have just launched a community called the revolutionary circle. It’s fucking awesome. But we’ll talk about that later. We just launched a community. We’re super excited about it and coming off the days of volleyball, and I think that Friday, I, I don’t even remember what we did, but I think after moving locations last week, I don’t feel like we really did much. So I was carrying that coming outta the weekend, like, oh, he didn’t really do much, but we’ve got this community that we say we’re excited about. So I was starting to build up expectations. You know, Monday, I gotta hit it hard or I gotta do all these things. And I had built this up subconsciously, cuz I wasn’t like, how do you explain that? It’s like, I wasn’t actively thinking about it, but I was, I’m very aware that it was there, I guess subconsciously. Yeah. So coming into Monday, I felt like yesterday, I felt really like disconnected. And I was mad that like, I, I felt like I needed to do more and I needed to work more and I was like mad at myself. And then I’m like eating cookies cause I’m mad. And I feel like the cookies are gonna gimme this escape cuz I’m also exploring that for myself too. And yeah, like it’s it. Like Jay told me, and this is right before the episode, when you let go, all these things happened, right? Like I was laughing. I’m like, oh my God. We had like three people book appointments on our calendar all within like an hour of each other. And it was fucking awesome. Like, I was like, this is so great because we’ve had appointments booked, but they’ve been like spread out, you know? And like three people booked and I’m like, oh my God, it’s working. But it’s like when I’m pull on too tight, it’s not working. Cause I’m expecting things to happen a certain way. I’m controlling, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. So I feel like those are really long unwinding. That’s a point, but it’s like, you learn these things along the way, right? Like you go through it and you still act it out. And I think you acted out whatever it is, you act it out because. It’s like, it’s like a, it’s like, um, it’s a program, right? It’s a record that’s in your brain or whatever in your psyche. It’s a record that gets played when this trigger happens, when this stimulus happens. And then here’s the response. So the record plays, you know, it’s like the old record players, right. That pulls up a record or what is that like a jukebox or something and go for it and flips it down.
Jai: If you work a show like sound and whatever, there’s certain cues. So if an actor says, blah, blah, blah, it’s a cue for the soundman to play a sound or cue like the sound for me. So basically it’s a cue mm-hmm, , you’ve been programmed. And once that trigger, that, that cue that’s that’s the cue. Yeah. And it’s now just a matter of. Replacing the queue. Not getting, cuz people feel like they have to get rid of stuff. Everything we do is based on habits. Our behaviors are based on habits. So you’re not gonna change your habits because even if you change well, Yeah, you, you are gonna change your habits, but there’s still gonna be habits. That’s my point. The foundation of everything we do is habits. So if your, um, habits are being cued by something that no longer benefits, you switch, switch the queue and switch the habit, or, you know, most times the queue would stay the same. So switch the habit.
Jenny: Right. I mean, that’s, that’s definitely. Part of this talk, but I feel like a whole nother talk to talk about habits. So Jay, I’ve been doing a lot of talking. What does this quote in the show and everything we’re talking about mean to you? What would you like to speak into or share? About this, excuse me about this.
Jai: Nothing really, you said it all. I think you walked us through that. And what I just said, basically sums that up. Like you have the choice you choose and it’s not a good choice or bad choice. It’s just a choice because whatever you choose is. A solution to whatever you’re going through. So it’s, it’s not good or bad. It’s just a choice. And it’s just about making different choices.
Jenny: Well, I got a choice that you can make. Was that a corny transition or what I don’t know. You’re into teaching how to make like cool transitions. Cause I’m like you, like you said, we said it all. And like I mentioned before, we’ve got this community, we’ve got this. Oh, you know what I’m gonna, I’m gonna say I’m a, I’m gonna start it, but I want you to finish it. Jai. See, I’m giving you, I’m giving you runway here. I’m gonna, I’m gonna start sharing. And then I want you to speak into what you were telling me when you were getting really passionate earlier about what this community means and where it’s going. Okay. So the revolutionary circle is a community that we. Have started in our building to bring together professionals and entrepreneurs who are on a journey of growth and self discovery who wanna shed outdated thinking, integrate new lifestyle habits so that they can experience a life full of freedom, fun and fulfillment. That’s the evolutionary circle. Like there’s so much power in this, but I want you to speak a little bit to what you were sharing earlier.
Jai: I want this to be a place where people who want to grow people who want to change people who know that there’s something different out there. They just don’t know where it is. This is the place. This is another social media platform where you come to escape. You know, it’s like you come here and you ask, why are you trying to escape X, Y, Z. And you look. For answers and you find answers and you share what you’ve learned with other people. This isn’t a thing where Jenny and Jai show up and we talk or whatever, this is the place where for the people, like, I want to build this, I want this to be so much bigger than me. Like I want this to be a part of my legacy. Yes. But I wanted to be like, yeah, we’re in a evolutionary circle because of Jenny and Jai. No. No, I see this as something the world needed. So we put it together, you know, and where people come and, and, and network, not just like, Hey, how you doing? Okay, here’s my card.
Jenny: But like sincerely network, someone comes in and been like, yo, I’m struggle with this, that, and the third and someone else was like, oh, I feel you. And I’m not trying to reach out because I’m trying to sell you or whatever. But I really genuinely care and want you to be better. This is a com a connection, a community of people authentically pulling each other up. Raising each other to the next level. When like one of us falls, someone reaching back saying, I got you. Come on, we got it. Let’s keep on going. And if you can’t do it by yourself, we’ll do it.
Jai: And a evolutionary is someone who’s constantly evolving to the next level. And that’s where, gosh, the power lies so much in this.
Jenny: So if, if this is interesting, you and you’re like, got something like, yes, I wanna be a part of that. Here’s the best way that we can do it on a podcast platform. Right now we have. The levolution, No, www just the That’s the site. And I’ll tell you that right now, as of this recording, that page is still being put together. We’ve gotta continue to update that. The information on the plan for the community. That’s got the most updated information on it and it’ll continue to evolve and change. So depending on when you’re listening to this, you could be listening to it and it could all be a hundred percent spot on point on. But if you’re listening to this, like when it drops, when this podcast drops, it’s possible, it’s not all put together yet. And that’s fine. If you wanna come in and be a part of this and you wanna be at the ground level and be a part of something really huge. Reach out to us.
Jai: And I, I wanna make this absolutely clear when we say a part of you’re engaging, you’re interacting. You are, you’re bringing value as well. This is not a Facebook. This is not a TikTok. This is not Instagram. This is a place where people can come together and help build something bigger than.
Jenny: Mm, just got chills. I’m really excited for this and our podcast. Gosh, I haven’t been as like excited. This is a different excitement. I’m really excited. I feel really grounded and good and powerful hell. Yeah. And I want to be some of that power and that clarity and that groundedness to you. So receive that in, accept that in. Reach out to us. Follow us on social at thetg.hollas. Join our community. Just watch us, keep listening, subscribe, share, do all the stuff right. You know what to do. We will
Jai: Holla you can subscribe to the holistic life podcast from your favorite streaming platform. And don’t forget to check out to stay in the know as an official two J insider Maha.
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