The Lodge 6.5-quart Dutch oven is only $50

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Save $30: Yes, you can snag a Dutch oven without spending hundreds of dollars. As of Feb. 3, the Lodge 6.5-quart Dutch oven is on sale for just $49.97 at Walmart, a 37% markdown from its usual $79.

It is early February, which means you have the right — no, the moral obligation — to cook yourself a comforting meal. And there is no better piece of cookware to make yourself the stew, the roast chicken, the fresh bread, the braised short ribs of your dreams than the Dutch oven. (Note: I am now craving braised short ribs before 9 a.m.)

Dutch ovens are famously on the pricier side — but not always. As of Feb. 3, the 6.5-quart Lodge Dutch oven is available for just $49.97 at Walmart, as compared to its standard price of $79, which let’s be honest, is already pretty dang decent. (A slightly smaller 5.5-quart version is also available for about $50 at Walmart).

For regular Staub and Le Creuset window shoppers who are used to seeing Dutch ovens in the $400-plus price range, we know that $50 may sound suspiciously low. Should you expect the exact same quality as the aforementioned two brands? Probably not. But Lodge Dutch ovens earn great customer ratings across the board. This one in particular is cast iron (Lodge is also known for its popular cast-iron skillet, so you know they know what they’re doing), has chip-resistant porcelain enamel, and is safe to use up to 500 degrees in the oven. And again, it’s just under a tenth of the price of those bigger brands.

For those who are still processing that a person might consider spending $400 on a single piece of cookware, here’s why people go nuts for Dutch ovens. Like this one, most come in cast iron, which means they’ll will heat evenly (i.e. food cooks better) and are safe to use in the oven. This one’s 6.5-quart size is not only exclusive to Walmart, but is also big enough to cook larger meals, like the roast chicken we mentioned above, but not so massive that it’ll be impossible to store. If you are short on cabinet space, its merlot color does make it a really gorgeous decorative piece to leave out on your stove top.

So whether you’re looking to buy your very first Dutch oven or need one to love until you’re ready to make that Staub leap, it’ll be hard to find a deal better than this Lodge pick.

dark red lodge dutch oven

Credit: Lodge

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