Top 7 Podcast Trend You DON’T Want to Miss in 2022

Podcasting is a dynamic industry where spotting and keeping up with the latest trends is not always easy. That’s why as the new year is dawning, we have put together the list of the most-critical podcast trend and developments expected in 2022.

Take a glimpse at the top 7 podcasting trends in 2022:

Podcasters Have to be Better Marketers (or Find Someone Who is)

Growing a show just on the basis of great hosts and incredible hosts is becoming a thing of the past. Though, many creators still fear the “M-word” running away from it will not be an option, especially in 2022 and the years ahead.

Podcasting has become mainstream in recent years. Business is jumping into the podcasting industry to reap the maximum possible audience, thus skyrocketing the already saturating competition. That’s why 2022 will witness an increased emphasis on podcast marketing than ever before, and to put your show on the map, you will have to do the same.

Furthermore, podcast marketing would not be limited to Google or Facebook ads. You will have to adopt a variety of content marketing skills encircling everything from email marketing to word of mouth.

Some Expert Tips

  • Collaborate with celebrities and experts in your podcast niche
  • Create compelling audio snippets of your show to tease and share on social media and other interactive platforms
  • Meets and greets live recordings, Q&As can further help you foster word of mouth amongst targeted audiences.

Fortunately, you will not have to bear the brunt alone. Podcast marketing services, like our own, can prove to be your podcast’s vital companion to success.

The Ultimate Guide to Promoting Your Podcast on Social Media

End to the Podcast Data Scarcity

Analytical efficiency is the core of data-driven decisions.

A severe lack of podcast analytics and data has plagued the podcast industry for years, preventing brands and professionals from making informed decisions and crafting targeted content and advertisements for their listners. Various tools and resources exist for you to analyze your content’s success and performance on other platforms, such as blogs or videos. Yet, the podcasting industry has not caught up.

In 2022, we anticipate that solutions will be developed that provide podcast marketers and enthusiasts with the tools they need to analyze, measure, and grow their podcasts.

One of the solutions we are already aware of is our own podcast marketing and audience analytics service by SayWHA Radio Network. However, our analytics and result-oriented marketing services are hyper-targeted. We conduct in-depth research and craft unique strategies for every podcast separately given the audience, niche, engagement, conversion, partnership, and other factors.

Through our analytics and tactics produce great results for our clients, the same data cannot be implemented in marketing another podcast. The rise of efficient generalized data analytics can change this!


The Age of Branded Podcasts

It’s official: we are living in a time when brand intimacy is at the heart of every marketing strategy. Brand awareness, lead generation, and customer retention are all boosted when you find effective tactics for engaging and connecting with your audience.

Podcasts will continue to be a powerful tool for building relationships with your audience in 2022 as brands discover the importance of brand intimacy. However, this rise of branded content will lead to a greater variety and format in how content is used to achieve brand intimacy.

As brands begin to move away from only audio platforms, they will develop new strategies to continue to engage and move listeners along throughout the podcast marketing funnel.

Podcast Platform: The Battle Continues, More Fierce than Ever!

Despite many players joining the battle Apple and Spotify have been the top contenders for the most prominent listening applications for a long time.

2022, however, might be the dawn of a new platform, competing if not dominating the sector. With Facebook, Amazon, and Youtube introducing podcast sections in their directories, the competition is getting more fierce than ever.

Even Netflix, the largest streaming platform is waiting to aggressively sway consumers in using its platform to consume their favorite podcast.

There is one common thing amongst all these giants: They have deep pockets, and to get a foothold and increase their market share can go to any extent. So, if you want your listners to continue tuning in to your show, you’ll have to make sure your podcast is available on that specific platform in 2022.

Yes, it sounds obvious! But, you will be amazed how many podcasters limit their potential reach. For example, over 60% of podcasts hosted on Buzzsprout have their podcast submitted to Apple.

The Fall of Podcast Exclusives

The year 2021 was marked by a whirlwind of podcast shows and acquisitions of companies. As expected, Spotify was the driving force behind these acquisitions.

Additionally, Spotify acquired exclusive rights to shows such as Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert and Call Her Daddy through acquisitions of companies such as Podz and Findaway.

However, they aren’t the only ones on the map. Among other things, we saw Amazon make significant progress in the audio landscape with its exclusive rights to Smartless.

By 2022, companies such as Spotify and Amazon will continue to consume the exclusive rights to some of the most popular podcasts. But, will this be a good thing? Podcasts thrive on the multiple ways listeners can access their favorite shows.

As witnessed in 2021 with The Joe Rogan Experience, Spotify acquired the show in 2020 and the show began airing on the platform in 2021 but the show’s engagement drastically fell. Therefore, in 2022, we may see increased tension among listeners as large brands compete in the audio industry.

Podcast Networks: Empowering Podcasters

With no centralized platforms that offer distribution, discovery, and monetization, the podcasting market is fragmented and confusing. There are many independent podcasters in 2021 who realize the freedom this lack of centralized platforms offers them to pursue opportunities without existing rules and limitations.

Podcasters are transforming their podcast into their own business. Rather than letting the media dictate terms, they are now working out what works for them.

We saw the emergence of independent decentralized podcast networks in 2021 as one of the most exciting developments. To support each other, podcasters banded together, usually around a particular subject or objective. With these networks, podcasters stay independent, but they can cross-pollinate their audiences or combine their listener numbers to negotiate better deals with brands.

Podcasting networks are also communities that facilitate knowledge exchange about all aspects of podcasting. There are podcasters who are great at marketing & design, and those who are experts at audio editing. These communities make it possible for all their members to succeed by providing them with a strong support structure.

Building a Thriving Podcast Community Online: The Expert Tips

Know Your Podcast’s ROI

As podcast data rises in importance, brands will become increasingly concerned with understanding the ROI of their podcasts in 2022.

The initial buzz around podcasts was exciting, but now it’s time to see the results. While this prediction is most pertinent to brands, podcasters can also benefit from learning it. There are currently no easy ways to find out how your podcast is doing in terms of return on investment (ROI).

This is another challenge that our podcasting service solves. With our expert’s guidance, you will be able to better understand the performance of your current investments and what you can expect from future investments in your podcast.


Wrapping Up

Podcasting is finally taking off. The year 2021 was its long-awaited breakout year, but 2022 will usher in a new way for brands, creators, and audiences to think about audio content.

Quality podcasts are valued globally. Podcast trends in 2022 will propel a competitive and innovative industry forward. The major players and brands will compete to corner new niches and deliver better, data-driven content for the voice search era.


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