Best Apps and Services for Building a Successful Podcast in 2022

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For every struggling facet by the human race, there is a service provider building a handy solution. Creating a successful podcasting business is one of such exciting but daunting points for many podcasters.

Fortunately, a handful of podcast service providers and applications have popped up in recent years. Making the podcasting process a breeze.

However, opting for the right podcasting service is one of the most crucial decisions and investments you’ll make into your podcast business.

In this article, we won’t cover fully-featured podcast software, such as Audacity or Audition. We have focused instead on apps and services designed not only to help you record, edit, and publish a podcast easily but also to add excitement to your podcasting journey.

But, in the haze what are your options if you are looking for the best podcast services or apps? And which one is the best fit for you? Keep reading and find out for yourself…..

Best Podcast Applications


Podbean app

The PodBean app allows users to record content, add sound effects, and either use music from the extensive library or import their own.

During live recording, you can pause and re-start recording the show at any point. You can record co-hosts, guests, and even take live listener calls with PodBean.

If you’re editing your audio, the application enables you to top and tail it, but you can’t edit the content internally.

Since Podbean is a media host, you can publish directly to their platform once you have created your episode, or you can download the file to use elsewhere.

App Type: Desktop or Mobile

Pricing: Using the app is free, but you will be limited in terms of storage and bandwidth. The paid tiers begin at $9 per month and include more advanced options and higher storage.

Best For: Podbean might be the ideal choice if you want to host your show’s media on it. Besides the monetization and premium content options, they have a lot of other cool features.


Anchor podcasting

Anchor, owned by Spotify, is a popular podcast maker app among those looking to test the waters. Like the other apps on this list, Anchor makes it very easy to launch a podcast. It also allows you to publish directly to their platform as a media host.

One of their unique selling points is their ability to play Spotify music within their episodes. But, there are some caveats to this – your music show will only be available within Spotify, and all tracks are inserted to prevent them from being shortened. However, it’s still a great feature for aspiring DJs.

The editing tools in Anchor are functional but clunky. The content on Spreaker and Podbean cannot be edited internally, but you can arrange clips together to create segmented episodes. You can also mix music and transitions into the episode if you’re okay with one-take recordings. So if you’re thinking of creating a nice, media-rich episode, Anchor could be the app for you.

App Type: Browser or Mobile

Price: Free

Best For: Hobbyists who don’t want to spend any money right now. Or you’re going to start a show with a “let’s just see how it all plays out” approch. Or, if you are planning to run a (Spotify only) music show.

Spreaker Studio

Another top platform for podcasters is Spreaker, which hosts content and monetizes it. The Spreaker Studio app is considered to be one of the best tools for podcasters.

Unlike an online radio station, it is available as a desktop or mobile app, and it allows you to go live and engage with your listeners in real-time through its chat feature.

In order to record episodes offline, select ‘Offline Mode’ and then publish them manually once you’re satisfied with the quality of the recording.

Effects and clips can also be played as you go, similarly to PodBean. With Spreaker Studio, you can edit your recordings by truncating or trimming them before uploading.

In addition to recording live shows, Spreaker is a powerful “live production” tool, which lets you create media-rich episodes as the DJ. It’s really cool to play the music as you record and to mix in listener calls, effects, and more. Mic controls and an “auto-ducking” feature, which lowers the volume of the music bed when you speak, are included in the desktop and mobile versions.

App Type: Desktop or Mobile

Price: You can start for free, but the session duration and storage are limited. The paid tier offers more options and starts at $5.99 a month.

Best For: You’d like to do live shows with audience participation, as well as podcasts on the go from your smartphone.

Best Podcast Service Provider

SayWHA Radio Podcast Services

Though applications can help you with some of your podcasting tasks like hosting, recording, editing, etc, no technology can top the level of support and personal attention a great podcast service provider can equip you with.

SayWHA Radio Podcasting Network is a one-in-all podcast service provider to help you flesh out your idea into a successful podcast. With over 11 years of producing and working with the top podcasts in the industry, SayWHA Radio Network professional services are all you need to give your podcasting venture a well-deserved boost to the top.

Our Approch with Beginners

Are you filled with ideas to create the most fantastic podcast in your niche but don’t know where to begin? We’ve got your back!

Our team brainstorms, documents, and analysis your podcast idea to visualize your podcast journey ahead. Equipped with cutting-edge podcasting tools and technology, we help you implement your ideas and create a clear next step.

Our Approch with Established Podcasters

Running out of ideas? When you have been running a podcast for some time, generating interesting content for new episodes can get overwhelming.

Let us fuel in some creativity! Our creative and technical support team will assist you in idea creation and engagement enhancement as your reliable creative partners.

Our Approch with Businesses

Starting a business is no joke, neither is marketing your products or services! But, did you know that over 54% of podcaster listners are more likely to buy from a brand they heard from podcast advertisements?

Why don’t you amplify your business’s reach with podcasts? SayWHA Radio Network’s professional podcasting services can help!

Our team of experienced professionals helps you automate the workflow, content, social media, and more with our streamlined podcasting process. You focus on growing your business while we skyrocket your customer engagement and sales through your business podcast.

Our Industry-Vetted Podcasting Services

We provide a variety of podcasting services to podcast enthusiasts. Whether you are planning to start a podcast business from scratch or polish your already existing podcast and increase listenership, SayWHA Radio’s professional podcasting services is your one-stop solution.

Our services include:

  • One-on-One Podcast Consulting
  • Podcast Production
  • Episode Planning
  • Creative Collaboration
  • Podcast Hosting
  • Podcast Marketing
  • Podcast Editing
  • Episode Notes
  • Assistance with learning about audio editing
  • SWRN edits audio for podcasts episodes
  • SWRN creates marketing material for your podcast
  • SWRN creates Episode Notes
  • and more

Book your first consultation today and let’s unravel the hidden potential of your podcast together!

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