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Gear up for an episode that cooks up a storm of revelations with Phoenix Ash in “The Shift Is The Prep”. 🍳🌪️

Phoenix dishes out a hearty serving of her life’s recipe, mixing the spices of rebelling against the boxed-in flavors of traditional gender roles with the sweet aftertaste of finding joy in nurturing her child’s health through cooking and cleaning. 🥗💪 

Phoenix doesn’t just share her story; she seasons it with gratitude for the happiness that’s simmering in her present and garnishes it with a generous sprinkle of excitement for what’s to come. 🌈🔮

Amidst sharing her transformative narrative, Phoenix also gives a shoutout to her literary concoctions that you can explore here: Phoenix Ash’s Author Page. 📚💖

This episode is a testament to the power of self-reflection, the courage to challenge societal norms, and the beauty of evolving for the ones we love. Whether you’re in the mood for some light-hearted banter or deep, insightful discussions, “The Shift Is The Prep” promises to serve it all. 🎧🤗

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Your plate is now full with “The Shift Is The Prep” – a meal that’s bound to leave you nourished, inspired, and ready for whatever life cooks up next!

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