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Tune in to an uplifting session with Phoenix Ash in this episode of “Life as P…,” where she champions the power of owning your narrative. “What Story You Telling?” is an invitation to embrace the victories you’ve clocked 🏆 and not be overshadowed by the specters of past woes.

Phoenix delves into the courage required to share tales brimming with hope 🌟 and the resilience to steer clear of focusing solely on sorrow. This episode also uncovers the sensitive issue of “church hurt” and its influence on one’s view of spiritual communities ⛪. Moreover, Phoenix touches on navigating the intimidating waves of relationship challenges and personal advancement 💪.

She warmly encourages listeners to explore her novels, offering stories that mirror these discussions. Ready to rewrite your story? Give this episode a listen and let Phoenix guide you towards a narrative filled with promise and self-recognition 📖.

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