Entrepreneur on Budget: Is Gmail the Ideal Communication and Marketing Channel?

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If you’re looking for a new email service provider, Gmail might not be your first choice. But, in reality, Gmail is much more than an emailing platform. As an entrepreneur on a budget, it can be the holy grail for setting up the most effective communication and marketing channel.

Gmail is extremely useful for small businesses looking to skyrocket their email marketing game because it is absolutely free. Over the years, the platform has gained a reputation as an essential tool for small businesses.

But what makes Gmail the ideal platform for small businesses?

Let’s find out:

Do You Need a Professional Email Address?

In an interview, senior vice president of business application at GoDaddy, Steve Aldrich, highlighted that only 20% of all small businesses use professional email addresses.

The rest, 80%, continue using free email apps for conducting business communication and marketing their product or services. 

Yes, a professional email address hands your business operation certain credibility. But during the inception of any business, the money is often tight. Furthermore, most small businesses just don’t have the time, resources, or inclination to manage a business website and associated email.

In all this haze, what ESP provide should you choose as an entrepreneur on a budget?

Time and again, Gmail has topped the list as the most popular platform favored by small businesses and on-budget entrepreneurs among the free communication tools for business.

So, why do small businesses love Gmail?

Gmail: Entrepreneur’s Favourite Communication Tool

Gmail is one of several free web-based communication and collaboration tools and services offered by Google. Previously, a free account made home companies appear unprofessional, but that is no longer the case with Gmail. For this reason, many entrepreneurs have converted to Gmail or made it one of their email providers.

The following are some of the most attractive characteristics of Gmail:

  • Spam filtering and malware defense that works
  • Free email storage of 30 GB
  • Money-transfer capability
  • Email access on mobile devices
  • Tabs that you may customize to help you arrange your email inbox
  • Built-in chat functionality
  • Themes for customizing the appearance of Gmail
  • Calls via video
  • Viewing attachments within an email is possible (as opposed to downloading).

Free v/s Paid Gmail: Which One is Better for Your Business?

Most companies using personal Gmail to conduct their business are usually startups or one-person companies. But running a business through a personal account usually portrays your service as less professional and your business less credible.

So, what can you do?

Create a separate Gmail account specifically for your business. Segregating your personal and professional email accounts will create a more competitive outlook and help keep things organized and in control.

In today’s cut-throat competition, entrepreneurs have to think a step ahead to position their business. And creating a stable and professional business communication channel -as Gmail is- is a step toward that bigger construct. 

The free version of Gmail is ad-supported. However, the interface positions ads on the right and not in your email, which provides your email with a self-effacing demeanor.

But, if you want to add more perks with no ads, you can choose the paid business version of Gmail with more storage, integration of other email services, and 99.9% uptimes for as low as $5 per month.

Gmail as Email Marketing Tool

Gmail might not be your first choice for the new ESP as a business. But these amazing tips for free email marketing with Gmail as your email service provider can transform your views:

Creating Your Email List

You can easily sync your Google contacts to create an email list. Select the addresses you wish to include in Google Contacts and add them to a new or modified email list.

Use GMass to send a Gmail message to everyone on the list when you’re finished. You may either establish a Gmail mail merge using Google Sheets or utilize a free email marketing service like Yet Another Mail Merge, which collects addresses from a Google Sheet and records your email campaigns.

Sending Mass Emails

Remember that Gmail has a built-in send limit of 500 emails per day (this applies whether you send to 500 recipients in one email or 500 different emails in one day). Therefore, Gmail is only suitable for firms with a modest email list because of these email sending constraints.

Gmail’s free email sending capabilities are a suitable alternative for small firms that are just getting started.

Later on, as your email list grows, you can upgrade to the paid version to expand the daily limit.

Setting Up Your Gmail ESP

Businesses can turn Gmail into an email marketing tool using free tools like Gumbamail, a Chrome extension.

Without leaving Gmail, you can schedule and deliver mailing campaigns to your subscribers using this email marketing tool.

You’ll be able to construct cleverly designed mass email campaigns inside your Gmail account after installing this browser extension and free Templates services for Gmail.

Gmail as a Business Email Tool

The easy-to-use UI is probably one of the best aspects of using Gmail for business email. Gmail’s UI remains the same whether you’re using it for personal or professional purposes. 

That’s why, as a beginner, you will find it simpler to progress through the learning curve. In addition, it’s an excellent way to enhance your email management responsibilities.

  • You can create many business email aliases.
  • You may add a company domain to a number of email accounts to boost professionalism and increase income.
  • If you’re migrating from another site, you won’t have to give up your company’s domain name.
  • G Suite automatically allows administrators to go in and adjust things if an employee departs or is dismissed. They can set something up right away, allowing you to go ahead and assign the emails to someone else.

There are a number of advantages to using Gmail for your business email as an enterprise on budget. First, Gmail is an email platform your employees and customers can access from anywhere in the globe and the ones we just described.

Gmail is made to deliver information safely and reliably. It’s accessible from your workplace and phone, and it’ll even deliver if you’re on the road. It also has offline support for added convenience.

This is an extremely flexible tool that includes instant messaging, video/voice chat, and a large amount of storage. Gmail also offers a powerful spam filter, allowing you to focus on the important content.

Furthermore, it can be synced with Android or iOS. Gmail allows smooth access from any platform to be shown on any device for added convenience.

Gmail: Productivity Tool for Small Businesses

Gmail’s success has produced a slew of third-party apps that can assist small company owners in enhancing efficiency and revenue.

Here are a few productivity areas in which you should invest as a small business owner with Gmail:

Customer Support

Gmail is a default customer support inbox for many small and large businesses. However, as the density of emails increases, sorting and replying to each email can become a hassle.

To remedy this concern, Gmail comes with a bunch of in-built tools to make customer support a breeze, including:

  • Star
  • Labels
  • Filter
  • Canned Responses

Invoice Management

For a small business, sending and receiving bills, following up with vendors, and processing contracts are time-consuming chores. 

Gmail offers a variety of add-ons to third-party programs that make these operations easier. The HelloSign add-on, for example, allows Gmail users to sign any PDF document in their inbox electronically. In addition, Quickbooks, Zoho, and Xero provide invoice management tools that link with your Gmail inbox.

Wrapping Up

Setting up a professional email address and a sustainable communication channel as a small business can be quite expensive. But with Gmail, you can establish a thriving communication and marketing business to prosper your business online.

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